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Concept Environmental Microbiology
Concept Food Microbiology
Academic Article Characterization of Salmonella enterica isolates from turkeys in commercial processing plants for resistance to antibiotics, disinfectants, and a growth promoter.
Academic Article Evaluation of repetitive extragenic palindromic-polymerase chain reaction and denatured gradient gel electrophoresis in identifying Salmonella serotypes isolated from processed turkeys.
Academic Article Frequency of isolation of Salmonella from protective foot covers worn in broiler houses as compared to drag-swab sampling.
Academic Article Evaluation of potential disinfectants for preslaughter broiler crop decontamination.
Academic Article Effect of selected modified atmosphere packaging on Campylobacter survival in raw poultry.
Academic Article Evaluation of the chicken crop as a source of Salmonella contamination for broiler carcasses.
Academic Article Molecular analysis of Salmonella serotypes at different stages of commercial turkey processing.
Academic Article Evaluation of alternative sampling methods for Salmonella critical control point determination at broiler processing.
Academic Article Fluorescent marker for the detection of crop and upper gastrointestinal leakage in poultry processing plants.
Academic Article Predictive value of multiple drag-swab sampling for the detection of Salmonella from occupied or vacant poultry houses.

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