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Academic Article Toward the identification of distinct molecular and clinical entities of multiple myeloma using global gene expression profiling.
Academic Article The role of the Wnt-signaling antagonist DKK1 in the development of osteolytic lesions in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Gene expression profiles of primary HPV16- and HPV18-infected early stage cervical cancers and normal cervical epithelium: identification of novel candidate molecular markers for cervical cancer diagnosis and therapy.
Academic Article Gene-expression signature of benign monoclonal gammopathy evident in multiple myeloma is linked to good prognosis.
Academic Article Gene expression profiles in primary ovarian serous papillary tumors and normal ovarian epithelium: identification of candidate molecular markers for ovarian cancer diagnosis and therapy.
Academic Article The distinct gene expression profiles of chronic lymphocytic leukemia and multiple myeloma suggest different anti-apoptotic mechanisms but predict only some differences in phenotype.
Academic Article Frequent engagement of the classical and alternative NF-kappaB pathways by diverse genetic abnormalities in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Establishment and exploitation of hyperdiploid and non-hyperdiploid human myeloma cell lines.
Academic Article CKS1B, overexpressed in aggressive disease, regulates multiple myeloma growth and survival through SKP2- and p27Kip1-dependent and -independent mechanisms.
Academic Article Dickkopf-1 (DKK1) is a widely expressed and potent tumor-associated antigen in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Progress in myeloma stem cells.
Academic Article Fibroblast activation protein (FAP) is upregulated in myelomatous bone and supports myeloma cell survival.
Academic Article Antibody-based inhibition of DKK1 suppresses tumor-induced bone resorption and multiple myeloma growth in vivo.
Academic Article Gene expression profiling defines a high-risk entity of multiple myeloma.
Academic Article The molecular classification of multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Over-expression of CKS1B activates both MEK/ERK and JAK/STAT3 signaling pathways and promotes myeloma cell drug-resistance.
Academic Article ARK5 is transcriptionally regulated by the Large-MAF family and mediates IGF-1-induced cell invasion in multiple myeloma: ARK5 as a new molecular determinant of malignant multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Frequent gain of chromosome band 1q21 in plasma-cell dyscrasias detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization: incidence increases from MGUS to relapsed myeloma and is related to prognosis and disease progression following tandem stem-cell transplantation.
Academic Article Tumor cell gene expression changes following short-term in vivo exposure to single agent chemotherapeutics are related to survival in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article NEK2 induces drug resistance mainly through activation of efflux drug pumps and is associated with poor prognosis in myeloma and other cancers.
Academic Article CS1, a potential new therapeutic antibody target for the treatment of multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Clinical, immunophenotypic, and genetic characterization of small lymphocyte-like plasma cell myeloma: a potential mimic of mature B-cell lymphoma.
Academic Article Arsenic trioxide-mediated growth inhibition of myeloma cells is associated with an extrinsic or intrinsic signaling pathway through activation of TRAIL or TRAIL receptor 2.
Academic Article High expression of BCL3 in human myeloma cells is associated with increased proliferation and inferior prognosis.
Academic Article NY-ESO-1 is highly expressed in poor-prognosis multiple myeloma and induces spontaneous humoral and cellular immune responses.
Academic Article Paradoxical expression of INK4c in proliferative multiple myeloma tumors: bi-allelic deletion vs increased expression.
Academic Article The oxidative stress response regulates DKK1 expression through the JNK signaling cascade in multiple myeloma plasma cells.
Academic Article Overexpression and involvement in migration by the metastasis-associated phosphatase PRL-3 in human myeloma cells.
Academic Article Benefit of complete response in multiple myeloma limited to high-risk subgroup identified by gene expression profiling.
Academic Article Identification of early growth response protein 1 (EGR-1) as a novel target for JUN-induced apoptosis in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article RARalpha2 expression is associated with disease progression and plays a crucial role in efficacy of ATRA treatment in myeloma.
Academic Article Global gene expression profiling of multiple myeloma, monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance, and normal bone marrow plasma cells.
Academic Article An analysis of the clinical and biologic significance of TP53 loss and the identification of potential novel transcriptional targets of TP53 in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article High-resolution genomic profiles define distinct clinico-pathogenetic subgroups of multiple myeloma patients.
Academic Article Combinatorial efficacy of anti-CS1 monoclonal antibody elotuzumab (HuLuc63) and bortezomib against multiple myeloma.
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Concept Receptors, Cell Surface
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Concept Jurkat Cells
Concept HCT116 Cells
Concept Neoplasms, Plasma Cell
Concept G1 Phase Cell Cycle Checkpoints
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Concept Leukemia, Lymphocytic, Chronic, B-Cell
Concept Plasma Cells
Concept Lymphoma, B-Cell
Concept Cell Death
Concept HEK293 Cells
Concept Endothelial Cells
Concept Cell Line, Tumor
Concept Carcinoma, Non-Small-Cell Lung
Concept M Phase Cell Cycle Checkpoints
Concept Side-Population Cells
Concept Killer Cells, Natural
Concept Stem Cells
Concept Leukemia, Plasma Cell
Concept Tumor Cells, Cultured
Concept K562 Cells
Concept Neoplastic Stem Cells
Concept Cell Cycle Proteins
Concept Lymphoma, Large B-Cell, Diffuse
Concept B-Cell Maturation Antigen
Concept G2 Phase Cell Cycle Checkpoints
Concept Cell Growth Processes
Concept Cell Cycle Checkpoints
Academic Article Gene expression profiling reveals different pathways related to Abl and other genes that cooperate with c-Myc in a model of plasma cell neoplasia.
Academic Article Gene expression profiling of plasma cells and plasmablasts: toward a better understanding of the late stages of B-cell differentiation.
Academic Article CD27 is heterogeneously expressed in multiple myeloma: low CD27 expression in patients with high-risk disease.
Academic Article Generation of polyclonal plasmablasts from peripheral blood B cells: a normal counterpart of malignant plasmablasts.
Academic Article Drug resistance in hematologic malignancies: induction mechanisms, genetics, and therapeutics.
Academic Article Myeloma cell-derived Runx2 promotes myeloma progression in bone.
Academic Article Destabilizing NEK2 overcomes resistance to proteasome inhibition in multiple myeloma.
Grant Gene expression profiling vs MRD assessment in Myeloma
Academic Article Inhibition of Nek2 by small molecules affects proteasome activity.
Academic Article Targeting heparanase overcomes chemoresistance and diminishes relapse in myeloma.
Academic Article Bruton tyrosine kinase is a therapeutic target in stem-like cells from multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Gene Expression Profiling Reveals Aberrant T-cell Marker Expression on Tumor Cells of Waldenstr?m's Macroglobulinemia.
Academic Article Decreased ferroportin promotes myeloma cell growth and osteoclast differentiation.
Academic Article Cancer stem cells are the cause of drug resistance in multiple myeloma: fact or fiction?
Academic Article Junctional adhesion molecule-A is overexpressed in advanced multiple myeloma and determines response to oncolytic reovirus.
Academic Article NEK2 Promotes Aerobic Glycolysis in Multiple Myeloma Through Regulating Splicing of Pyruvate Kinase.
Academic Article Multiple Myeloma Tumor Cells are Selectively Killed by Pharmacologically-dosed Ascorbic Acid.
Academic Article RARa2 expression confers myeloma stem cell features.
Academic Article Preclinical validation of interleukin 6 as a therapeutic target in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article A human ICAM-1 antibody isolated by a function-first approach has potent macrophage-dependent antimyeloma activity in vivo.
Academic Article NEK2 mediates ALDH1A1-dependent drug resistance in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Nek2 is a novel regulator of B cell development and immunological response.
Academic Article Upregulation of FOXM1 leads to diminished drug sensitivity in myeloma.
Academic Article NEDD8 Inhibition Overcomes CKS1B-Induced Drug Resistance by Upregulation of p21 in Multiple Myeloma.
Academic Article Identification and Characterization of Tumor-Initiating Cells in Multiple Myeloma.
Academic Article A Small-Molecule Inhibitor Targeting TRIP13 Suppresses Multiple Myeloma Progression.
Academic Article Neoplastic plasma cell aberrant antigen expression patterns and their association with genetic abnormalities.
Academic Article Single-agent bortezomib or bortezomib-based regimens as consolidation therapy after autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in multiple myeloma: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Academic Article Ferroportin downregulation promotes cell proliferation by modulating the Nrf2-miR-17-5p axis in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapies for multiple myeloma.
Academic Article [Myeloma cancer stem cells:the new target for multiple myeloma].
Academic Article Chronic intermittent hypoxia enhances disease progression in myeloma-resistant mice.
Academic Article Superior efficacy of rituximab-based chemoimmunotherapy as an initial therapy in newly diagnosed patients with B cell indolent lymphomas: long-term results from a single center in China.
Academic Article Carfilzomib enhances natural killer cell-mediated lysis of myeloma linked with decreasing expression of HLA class I.
Academic Article TRIP13 impairs mitotic checkpoint surveillance and is associated with poor prognosis in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Antitumor activity of fucoidan against diffuse large B cell lymphoma in vitro and in vivo.
Academic Article Profiling bortezomib resistance identifies secondary therapies in a mouse myeloma model.
Academic Article Scavenger receptor class A member 3 (SCARA3) in disease progression and therapy resistance in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Down-regulation of 11?-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 by bortezomib sensitizes Jurkat leukemia T cells against glucocorticoid-induced apoptosis.
Academic Article Overexpression of RPS27a contributes to enhanced chemoresistance of CML cells to imatinib by the transactivated STAT3.
Academic Article Proteasome inhibitor lactacystin augments natural killer cell cytotoxicity of myeloma via downregulation of HLA class I.
Academic Article Bortezomib resistance can be reversed by induced expression of plasma cell maturation markers in a mouse in vitro model of multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Chromosome 1q21 gains confer inferior outcomes in multiple myeloma treated with bortezomib but copy number variation and percentage of plasma cells involved have no additional prognostic value.
Academic Article Myeloma cells resistance to NK cell lysis mainly involves an HLA class I-dependent mechanism.
Academic Article Mitochondrial-Targeted Decyl-Triphenylphosphonium Enhances 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Mediated Oxidative Stress and Clonogenic Killing of Multiple Myeloma Cells.
Academic Article Lenalidomide after stem-cell transplantation for multiple myeloma: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Academic Article Prognostic value of high serum lactate dehydrogenase in plasma cell dyscrasias: a re-evaluation in the context of cytogenetic aberration data.
Academic Article Copper-zinc superoxide dismutase-mediated redox regulation of bortezomib resistance in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Secondary monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance is frequently associated with high response rate and superior survival in patients with plasma cell dyscrasias.
Academic Article Proteasome inhibitor carfilzomib interacts synergistically with histone deacetylase inhibitor vorinostat in Jurkat T-leukemia cells.
Academic Article NEK2 induces autophagy-mediated bortezomib resistance by stabilizing Beclin-1 in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Polycomb-like Protein 3 Induces Proliferation and Drug Resistance in Multiple Myeloma and Is Regulated by miRNA-15a.
Grant Retinoid Based Treatment Approaches to Target the Myeloma Stem Cell
Grant NEK2 Over-expression Causes Drug Resistance in Myeloma
Academic Article Catalyst-Free One-Pot Synthesis of Densely Substituted Pyrazole-Pyrazines as Anti-Colorectal Cancer Agents.
Academic Article RFWD2 induces cellular proliferation and selective proteasome inhibitor resistance by mediating P27 ubiquitination in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Monitoring treatment response and disease progression in myeloma with circulating cell-free DNA.
Academic Article The molecular make up of smoldering myeloma highlights the evolutionary pathways leading to multiple myeloma.
Academic Article RABL6A inhibits tumor-suppressive PP2A/AKT signaling to drive pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor growth.
Grant CD24 Tumor-Initiating Cell as a Novel Therapeutic Target in Myeloma
Academic Article PHF19 inhibition as a therapeutic target in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Therapeutic effects of oligo-single-stranded DNA mimicking of hsa-miR-15a-5p on multiple myeloma.
Grant Targeting NEK2 Enables Immune Checkpoint Blockade in High-Risk/Relapsed Myeloma
Academic Article TRIP13 modulates protein deubiquitination and accelerates tumor development and progression of B cell malignancies.
Academic Article Role of NEK2A in human cancer and its therapeutic potentials.
Academic Article FOXM1 regulates glycolysis and energy production in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article CST6 suppresses osteolytic bone disease in multiple myeloma by blocking osteoclast differentiation.
Academic Article Risk of infections associated with the use of bispecific antibodies in multiple myeloma: a pooled analysis.
Academic Article Geographic and Racial Disparities in Access to Chimeric Antigen Receptor-T Cells and Bispecific Antibodies Trials for Multiple Myeloma.
Academic Article A gene signature can predict risk of MGUS progressing to multiple myeloma.
Academic Article AKT supports the metabolic fitness of multiple myeloma cells by?restricting FOXO activity.
Academic Article Aberrant activation of TRIP13-EZH2 signaling axis promotes stemness and therapy resistance in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Decreased bone resorption in Ezh2 myeloid cell conditional knockout mouse model.
Academic Article Bifunctional Inhibitor Reveals NEK2 as a Therapeutic Target and Regulator of Oncogenic Pathways in Lymphoma.
Academic Article BCMA- and CST6-specific CAR T cells lyse multiple myeloma cells and suppress murine osteolytic lesions.
Academic Article High NEK2 expression in myeloid progenitors suppresses T?cell immunity in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Hypoxia-induced long non-coding RNA DARS-AS1 regulates RBM39 stability to promote myeloma malignancy.
Academic Article Bispecific BCMA/CD24 CAR-T cells control multiple myeloma growth.
Academic Article Prognostic value of ferritin in ASCT MM patients: integration with GEP models and ISS series systems.
Academic Article Enhancing prognostic power in multiple myeloma using a plasma cell signature derived from single-cell RNA sequencing.
Academic Article A Risk Stratification System in Myeloma Patients with Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation.

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