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Academic Article Persistence of Golgi matrix distribution exhibits the same dependence on Sar1p activity as a Golgi glycosyltransferase.
Academic Article A method for the purification of Shiga-like toxin 1 subunit B using a commercially available galabiose-agarose resin.
Academic Article Cisternal rab proteins regulate Golgi apparatus redistribution in response to hypotonic stress.
Academic Article Probing the mobility of membrane proteins inside the cell.
Academic Article Dynamic nucleation of Golgi apparatus assembly from the endoplasmic reticulum in interphase hela cells.
Academic Article Evidence that differential packaging of the major platelet granule proteins von Willebrand factor and fibrinogen can support their differential release.
Academic Article Maintenance of Golgi apparatus structure in the face of continuous protein recycling to the endoplasmic reticulum: making ends meet.
Academic Article Both post-Golgi and intra-Golgi cycling affect the distribution of the Golgi phosphoprotein GPP130.
Academic Article Quantitative immunofluorescence mapping reveals little functional coclustering of proteins within platelet a-granules.
Academic Article Are Rab proteins the link between Golgi organization and membrane trafficking?
Academic Article Modification of the cytoplasmic domain affects the subcellular localization of Golgi glycosyl-transferases.
Academic Article Expression of the mitochondrial genome in HeLa cells. XVII. Heterogeneity of isolated HeLa cell mitochondria as assayed for their enzymatic and in vivo biosynthetic activities.
Academic Article Rab6 regulates both ZW10/RINT-1 and conserved oligomeric Golgi complex-dependent Golgi trafficking and homeostasis.
Academic Article Rab41 is a novel regulator of Golgi apparatus organization that is needed for ER-to-Golgi trafficking and cell growth.
Academic Article The turkey transcription factor Pit-1/GHF-1 can activate the turkey prolactin and growth hormone gene promoters in vitro but is not detectable in lactotrophs in vivo.
Academic Article Microinjection as a tool to explore small GTPase function.
Academic Article Effect of acidotropic amines on the accumulation of newly synthesized membrane and luminal proteins in Chinese-hamster ovary (CHO) cell lysosomes.
Academic Article Recycling of golgi-resident glycosyltransferases through the ER reveals a novel pathway and provides an explanation for nocodazole-induced Golgi scattering.
Academic Article Electron tomography reveals Rab6 is essential to the trafficking of trans-Golgi clathrin and COPI-coated vesicles and the maintenance of Golgi cisternal number.
Academic Article Localization and recycling of gp27 (hp24gamma3): complex formation with other p24 family members.
Academic Article Scattered Golgi elements during microtubule disruption are initially enriched in trans-Golgi proteins.
Academic Article Identification of rabaptin-5, rabex-5, and GM130 as putative effectors of rab33b, a regulator of retrograde traffic between the Golgi apparatus and ER.
Academic Article Animal cell lysosomes rapidly exchange membrane proteins.
Academic Article Rapid cell surface appearance of endocytic membrane proteins in Chinese hamster ovary cells.
Academic Article Expression of a cytoplasmically epitope-tagged human Golgi glycosyltransferase in homologous cells results in mislocalization of multiple Golgi proteins.
Academic Article Comparative behavior of lysosomes and the pre-lysosome compartment (PLC) in in vivo cell fusion experiments.
Academic Article Capacity of the Golgi apparatus for cargo transport prior to complete assembly.
Academic Article Rab6a/a' are important Golgi regulators of pro-inflammatory TNF secretion in macrophages.
Academic Article Intermixing of resident Golgi membrane proteins in rat-hamster polykaryons appears to depend on organelle coalescence.
Academic Article Evidence that the entire Golgi apparatus cycles in interphase HeLa cells: sensitivity of Golgi matrix proteins to an ER exit block.
Academic Article Evidence for a COP-I-independent transport route from the Golgi complex to the endoplasmic reticulum.
Academic Article Sequestration of mutated alpha1-antitrypsin into inclusion bodies is a cell-protective mechanism to maintain endoplasmic reticulum function.
Academic Article Expression of the mitochondrial genome in HeLa cells. IX. Effect of inhibition of mitochondrial protein synthesis on mitochondrial formation.
Academic Article Dynamics of the interphase mammalian Golgi complex as revealed through drugs producing reversible Golgi disassembly.
Concept Microtubule-Associated Proteins
Concept Carrier Proteins
Concept Fungal Proteins
Concept Cytoskeletal Proteins
Concept DNA-Binding Proteins
Concept Chromosomal Proteins, Non-Histone
Concept Membrane Proteins
Concept Luminescent Proteins
Concept Molecular Motor Proteins
Concept Proteins
Concept GTP-Binding Proteins
Concept Recombinant Proteins
Concept rab GTP-Binding Proteins
Concept Monomeric GTP-Binding Proteins
Concept Mutant Proteins
Concept Nuclear Pore Complex Proteins
Concept Adaptor Proteins, Signal Transducing
Concept SNARE Proteins
Concept Green Fluorescent Proteins
Concept Saccharomyces cerevisiae Proteins
Concept Cell Cycle Proteins
Concept Viral Matrix Proteins
Concept Viral Envelope Proteins
Concept rab4 GTP-Binding Proteins
Concept Neoplasm Proteins
Concept R-SNARE Proteins
Concept Adaptor Proteins, Vesicular Transport
Concept Recombinant Fusion Proteins
Concept Vesicular Transport Proteins
Academic Article Distinct sets of Rab6 effectors contribute to ZW10--and COG-dependent Golgi homeostasis.
Academic Article Does super-resolution fluorescence microscopy obsolete previous microscopic approaches to protein co-localization?
Academic Article How Rab proteins determine Golgi structure.
Academic Article Golgi proteins in circulating human platelets are distributed across non-stacked, scattered structures.
Academic Article Cellubrevin/vesicle-associated membrane protein-3-mediated endocytosis and trafficking regulate platelet functions.
Academic Article Rab proteins as major determinants of the Golgi complex structure.
Academic Article Alterations in platelet secretion differentially affect thrombosis and hemostasis.
Academic Article SNARE-dependent membrane fusion initiates a-granule matrix decondensation in mouse platelets.
Academic Article Autophagy in Platelets.
Grant Structure/Function Determinants of Platelet Granule Secretion - Resubmission
Grant Melanocortin-4 Receptor Traffic and Signaling
Grant Role of Rab Proteins in Golgi Apparatus Structure and Function
Grant Structure/Function Determinants of Platelet Granule Secretion
Grant Mechanisms of Golgi Apparatus Protein Recycling
Academic Article Rab6 is required for rapid, cisternal-specific, intra-Golgi cargo transport.
Academic Article Platelet a-granule cargo packaging and release are affected by the luminal proteoglycan, serglycin.

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