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In-vivo production of branched-chain amino acids, branched-chain keto acids, and ß-hydroxy ß-methylbutyric acid.Academic Article Why?
Amino Acids, Branched-ChainConcept Why?
Dose Response to peptide mixture enriched with branched chain amino acids: A Pilot StudyGrant Why?
Postprandial concentration of circulating branched chain amino acids are able to predict the carbohydrate content of the ingested mixed meal.Academic Article Why?
Introduction to symposium on branched-chain amino acids in exercise.Academic Article Why?
Allman, BrittanyPerson Why?
Branched-chain amino acids and muscle protein synthesis in humans: myth or reality?Academic Article Why?
The influence of bicarbonate supplementation on plasma levels of branched-chain amino acids in haemodialysis patients with metabolic acidosis.Academic Article Why?
Branched-chain amino acids in metabolic signalling and insulin resistance.Academic Article Why?
Wolfe, RobertPerson Why?
Infant intakes of human milk branched chain amino acids are negatively associated with infant growth and influenced by maternal body mass index.Academic Article Why?
Disturbances in branched-chain amino acid profile and poor daily functioning in mildly depressed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients.Academic Article Why?
Divergent Changes in Serum Branched-Chain Amino Acid Concentrations and Estimates of Insulin Resistance throughout Gestation in Healthy Women.Academic Article Why?
Metabolic flux analysis of branched-chain amino and keto acids (BCAA, BCKA) and ß-hydroxy ß-methylbutyric acid across multiple organs in the pig.Academic Article Why?
Preconception Micronutrient Supplementation Reduced Circulating Branched Chain Amino Acids at 12 Weeks Gestation in an Open Trial of Guatemalan Women Who Are Overweight or Obese.Academic Article Why?
Supplementation of soy protein with branched-chain amino acids alters protein metabolism in healthy elderly and even more in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.Academic Article Why?
Borsheim, ElisabetPerson Why?
Piccolo, BrianPerson Why?
Enhanced anabolic response to milk protein sip feeding in elderly subjects with COPD is associated with a reduced splanchnic extraction of multiple amino acids.Academic Article Why?
Plasma amino acid and metabolite signatures tracking diabetes progression in the UCD-T2DM rat model.Academic Article Why?
Anesthesia and bariatric surgery gut preparation alter plasma acylcarnitines reflective of mitochondrial fat and branched-chain amino acid oxidation.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of adipose branched-chain amino acid catabolism enzyme expression and cross-adipose amino acid flux in human obesity.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of hepatic branched-chain a-ketoacid dehydrogenase complex in rats fed a high-fat diet.Academic Article Why?
Whey protein supplementation does not alter plasma branched-chained amino acid profiles but results in unique metabolomics patterns in obese women enrolled in an 8-week weight loss trial.Academic Article Why?
Factors contributing to alterations in skeletal muscle and plasma amino acid profiles in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.Academic Article Why?
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