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Academic Article Increased deposition of von Willebrand factor in the rat heart after local ionizing irradiation.
Academic Article Influence of mast cells on structural and functional manifestations of radiation-induced heart disease.
Academic Article Radiation responses in skin and connective tissues: effect on wound healing and surgical outcome.
Academic Article gamma-Tocotrienol ameliorates intestinal radiation injury and reduces vascular oxidative stress after total-body irradiation by an HMG-CoA reductase-dependent mechanism.
Academic Article Orazipone, a locally acting immunomodulator, ameliorates intestinal radiation injury: a preclinical study in a novel rat model.
Academic Article Preclinical evaluation of Som230 as a radiation mitigator in a mouse model: postexposure time window and mechanisms of action.
Academic Article Reduction of radiation-induced vascular nitrosative stress by the vitamin E analog ?-tocotrienol: evidence of a role for tetrahydrobiopterin.
Academic Article Microarray analysis of gene expression profiles of cardiac myocytes and fibroblasts after mechanical stress, ionising or ultraviolet radiation.
Academic Article Cardiac inflammation after local irradiation is influenced by the kallikrein-kinin system.
Academic Article Broadcasting in the airways: the fifth anniversary of the Radiation Research Podcast (1).
Academic Article Effects of radiation on the epidermal growth factor receptor pathway in the heart.
Academic Article Cardiovascular effects after low-dose exposure and radiotherapy: what research is needed?
Academic Article Radiation-related heart disease: current knowledge and future prospects.
Academic Article Influence of sublethal total-body irradiation on immune cell populations in the intestinal mucosa.
Academic Article Simvastatin ameliorates radiation enteropathy development after localized, fractionated irradiation by a protein C-independent mechanism.
Academic Article Local administration of interleukin-11 ameliorates intestinal radiation injury in rats.
Academic Article Effects of late administration of pentoxifylline and tocotrienols in an image-guided rat model of localized heart irradiation.
Academic Article Radiation damage to the gastrointestinal tract: mechanisms, diagnosis, and management.
Academic Article Potential targets for intervention in radiation-induced heart disease.
Academic Article Roles of sensory nerves in the regulation of radiation-induced structural and functional changes in the heart.
Academic Article Activation of protease activated receptor 2 by exogenous agonist exacerbates early radiation injury in rat intestine.
Academic Article Significance of endothelial dysfunction in the pathogenesis of early and delayed radiation enteropathy.
Academic Article Prevention and treatment of functional and structural radiation injury in the rat heart by pentoxifylline and alpha-tocopherol.
Academic Article Experimental radiation-induced heart disease: past, present, and future.
Academic Article Pharmacological induction of transforming growth factor-beta1 in rat models enhances radiation injury in the intestine and the heart.
Academic Article The somatostatin analog SOM230 (pasireotide) ameliorates injury of the intestinal mucosa and increases survival after total-body irradiation by inhibiting exocrine pancreatic secretion.
Concept Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation
Concept Gamma Rays
Concept Radiation
Concept Radiation Dosage
Concept Ultraviolet Rays
Concept Radiation Injuries
Concept Radiation-Protective Agents
Concept Cosmic Radiation
Concept Radiation Tolerance
Concept Radiation, Ionizing
Concept Radiation Injuries, Experimental
Concept Radiation Protection
Concept X-Rays
Academic Article Radiation-induced alterations in mitochondria of the rat heart.
Academic Article Molecular dynamics guided design of tocoflexol: a new radioprotectant tocotrienol with enhanced bioavailability.
Academic Article C/EBPd deficiency sensitizes mice to ionizing radiation-induced hematopoietic and intestinal injury.
Academic Article Bone marrow transplantation helps restore the intestinal mucosal barrier after total body irradiation in mice.
Academic Article Characterization of transgenic Gfrp knock-in mice: implications for tetrahydrobiopterin in modulation of normal tissue radiation responses.
Academic Article A novel technique for image-guided local heart irradiation in the rat.
Academic Article Thrombomodulin contributes to gamma tocotrienol-mediated lethality protection and hematopoietic cell recovery in irradiated mice.
Academic Article A tocotrienol-enriched formulation protects against radiation-induced changes in cardiac mitochondria without modifying late cardiac function or structure.
Academic Article Role of the bradykinin B2 receptor in a rat model of local heart irradiation.
Academic Article Space radiation and cardiovascular disease risk.
Academic Article A priming dose of protons alters the early cardiac cellular and molecular response to (56)Fe irradiation.
Academic Article Radiation-induced changes in DNA methylation of repetitive elements in the mouse heart.
Academic Article Low Doses of Oxygen Ion Irradiation Cause Acute Damage to Hematopoietic Cells in Mice.
Academic Article The Vitamin E Analog Gamma-Tocotrienol (GT3) Suppresses Radiation-Induced Cytogenetic Damage.
Academic Article Ionizing Radiation-Induced Endothelial Cell Senescence and Cardiovascular Diseases.
Academic Article Radiation Biology: Targeting CD47 in Cancer Growth Inhibition and Normal Tissue Protection.
Academic Article Effects of ionizing radiation on the heart.
Academic Article Advanced Small Animal Conformal Radiation Therapy Device.
Academic Article One-carbon metabolism and ionizing radiation: a multifaceted interaction.
Academic Article Late Administration of a Palladium Lipoic Acid Complex (POLY-MVA) Modifies Cardiac Mitochondria but Not Functional or Structural Manifestations of Radiation-Induced Heart Disease in a Rat Model.
Academic Article Space-type radiation induces multimodal responses in the mouse gut microbiome and metabolome.
Academic Article Whole body proton irradiation causes acute damage to bone marrow hematopoietic progenitor and stem cells in mice.
Academic Article Effects of low-dose rate ?-irradiation combined with simulated microgravity on markers of oxidative stress, DNA methylation potential, and remodeling in the mouse heart.
Academic Article Effects of 1H + 16O Charged Particle Irradiation on Short-Term Memory and Hippocampal Physiology in a Murine Model.
Academic Article Late effects of 1H irradiation on hippocampal physiology.
Academic Article Early effects of 16O radiation on neuronal morphology and cognition in a murine model.
Academic Article NZO/HlLtJ as a novel model for the studies on the role of metabolic syndrome in acute radiation toxicity.
Academic Article Utilization of Vitamin E Analogs to Protect Normal Tissues While Enhancing Antitumor Effects.
Academic Article Late Effects of 16O-Particle Radiation on Female Social and Cognitive Behavior and Hippocampal Physiology.
Grant The Protein C Pathway in Mitigation of Radiation-Induced Endothelial and Vascular Dysfunction
Grant Center for Studies of Host Response to Cancer Therapy
Grant Radiation-Induced Heart Disease: Mechanisms and Interventions
Grant Oral Interleukin 11 as a Countermeasure against Radiation Injury to Gut
Grant Phosphodiesterase inhibitors and tocols in radiation-induced heart disease
Grant Team Leader for the Radiation Effects Team
Grant Center for Research on Cardiac and Vascular Effects of Space Radiation
Grant Combined effect of Gamma-Tocotrienol and Pentoxifylline on Radiation Protection: Efficacy and Molecular Mechanisms
Grant Advanced Development of SOM230 as a Radiation Mitigator
Academic Article Effects of low-dose oxygen ions and protons on cardiac function and structure in male C57BL/6J mice.
Grant Effect of microgravity and GT3 on radiation-induced genomic instability in endothelial cells
Grant Combined effect of Gamma-Tocotrienol and Pentoxifylline on Radiation Protection: Efficacy and Molecular Mechanisms
Grant Center for Research on Cardiac and Vascular Effects of Space Radiation
Academic Article Behavioral effects of space radiation: A comprehensive review of animal studies.
Academic Article Changes in one-carbon metabolism and DNA methylation in the hearts of mice exposed to space environment-relevant doses of oxygen ions (16O).
Grant Role of TLR4 in Radiation-induced Cardiomyopathy
Grant Development of a minimally invasive biomarker assay to detect delayed radiation injury
Grant Development of a minimally invasive biomarker assay to detect delayed radiation injury
Academic Article Advances in Preclinical Research Models of Radiation-Induced Cardiac Toxicity.
Academic Article Plasma metabolite biomarkers predictive of radiation induced cardiotoxicity.
Academic Article Identification of Plasma Lipidome Changes Associated with Low Dose Space-Type Radiation Exposure in a Murine Model.
Academic Article Effects of single-dose protons or oxygen ions on function and structure of the cardiovascular system in male Long Evans rats.
Grant Metabolomics Based Prediction of Delayed Effects of Acute Radiation Exposure
Academic Article Cancer Radiation Therapy May Be Associated With Atrial Fibrillation.
Academic Article Simultaneous exposure to chronic irradiation and simulated microgravity differentially alters immune cell phenotype in mouse thymus and spleen.
Academic Article Effects of 16O charged-particle irradiation on cognition, hippocampal morphology and mutagenesis in female mice.
Academic Article The Hypoxic Microenvironment of Breast Cancer Cells Promotes Resistance in Radiation Therapy.
Academic Article Late Health Effects of Partial Body Irradiation Injury in a Minipig Model Are Associated with Changes in Systemic and Cardiac IGF-1 Signaling.
Academic Article Sex-dependent effects of genetic upregulation of activated protein C on delayed effects of acute radiation exposure in the mouse heart, small intestine, and skin.
Academic Article Differential Recovery of Small Intestinal Segments after Partial-Body Irradiation in Non-Human Primates.
Academic Article All for one, though not one for all: team players in normal tissue radiobiology.
Academic Article Plasma Metabolomics in a Nonhuman Primate Model of Abdominal Radiation Exposure.
Academic Article Hypofractionated Irradiation and Immune Modulation Therapies: Let's Work Together!
Academic Article Mitigation of late cardiovascular effects of oxygen ion radiation by ?-tocotrienol in a mouse model.
Academic Article Effects of low-dose oxygen ions on cardiac function and structure in female C57BL/6J mice.
Academic Article Platelet glycoprotein Iba provides radiation protection.
Academic Article An optimized method for the isolation of urinary extracellular vesicles for molecular phenotyping: detection of biomarkers for radiation exposure.
Academic Article Small animal models of localized heart irradiation.
Academic Article The Inverse Correlation Between the Duration of Lifetime Occupational Radiation Exposure and the Prevalence of Atrial Arrhythmia.

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