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Academic Article Epigenetic dysregulation underlies radiation-induced transgenerational genome instability in vivo.
Academic Article Role of epigenetic effectors in maintenance of the long-term persistent bystander effect in spleen in vivo.
Academic Article Hypomethylation and genome instability in the germline of exposed parents and their progeny is associated with altered miRNA expression.
Academic Article Role of epigenetic events in chemical carcinogenesis--a justification for incorporating epigenetic evaluations in cancer risk assessment.
Academic Article Paternal cranial irradiation induces distant bystander DNA damage in the germline and leads to epigenetic alterations in the offspring.
Academic Article Alterations in histone H4 lysine 20 methylation: implications for cancer detection and prevention.
Academic Article Epigenetic mechanisms of mouse interstrain variability in genotoxicity of the environmental toxicant 1,3-butadiene.
Academic Article Role of epigenetic and miR-22 and miR-29b alterations in the downregulation of Mat1a and Mthfr genes in early preneoplastic livers in rats induced by 2-acetylaminofluorene.
Academic Article Epigenetic alterations in liver of C57BL/6J mice after short-term inhalational exposure to 1,3-butadiene.
Concept Epigenesis, Genetic
Academic Article Epigenetic alterations induced by ambient particulate matter in mouse macrophages.
Academic Article Exposure to low-dose (56)Fe-ion radiation induces long-term epigenetic alterations in mouse bone marrow hematopoietic progenitor and stem cells.
Academic Article Response of transposable elements to environmental stressors.
Academic Article Reversibility of pre-malignant estrogen-induced epigenetic changes.
Academic Article Radiation-induced bystander effects in vivo are epigenetically regulated in a tissue-specific manner.
Academic Article Long-term epigenetic effects of exposure to low doses of 56Fe in the mouse lung.
Academic Article In Vitro Toxicity and Epigenotoxicity of Different Types of Ambient Particulate Matter.
Academic Article Importance of investigating epigenetic alterations for industry and regulators: An appraisal of current efforts by the Health and Environmental Sciences Institute.
Academic Article Short-term exposure to engineered nanomaterials affects cellular epigenome.
Academic Article In vivo epigenetic effects induced by engineered nanomaterials: A case study of copper oxide and laser printer-emitted engineered nanoparticles.
Academic Article Radiation-induced changes in DNA methylation of repetitive elements in the mouse heart.
Academic Article Analysis of the Ambient Particulate Matter-induced Chromosomal Aberrations Using an In Vitro System.
Academic Article Effects of ionizing radiation on DNA methylation: from experimental biology to clinical applications.
Academic Article One-carbon metabolism and ionizing radiation: a multifaceted interaction.
Academic Article Roadmap for investigating epigenome deregulation and environmental origins of cancer.
Academic Article 2017 Michael Fry Award Lecture When DNA is Actually Not a Target: Radiation Epigenetics as a Tool to Understand and Control Cellular Response to Ionizing Radiation.
Academic Article DNA Methylation in Radiation-Induced Carcinogenesis: Experimental Evidence and Clinical Perspectives.
Academic Article Harnessing epigenetics and metabolism to modulate tissue response to radiotherapy.
Academic Article Cytogenetic and epigenetic aberrations in peripheral lymphocytes of northwest Arkansas Marshallese.

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