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Academic Article Toward the identification of distinct molecular and clinical entities of multiple myeloma using global gene expression profiling.
Academic Article Gene-expression signature of benign monoclonal gammopathy evident in multiple myeloma is linked to good prognosis.
Academic Article Immunization with a recombinant MAGE-A3 protein after high-dose therapy for myeloma.
Academic Article Gene expression profiles of tumor biology provide a novel approach to prognosis and may guide the selection of therapeutic targets in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Alkaline phosphatase variation during carfilzomib treatment is associated with best response in multiple myeloma patients.
Academic Article Frequent gain of chromosome band 1q21 in plasma-cell dyscrasias detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization: incidence increases from MGUS to relapsed myeloma and is related to prognosis and disease progression following tandem stem-cell transplantation.
Academic Article Tumor cell gene expression changes following short-term in vivo exposure to single agent chemotherapeutics are related to survival in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article CS1, a potential new therapeutic antibody target for the treatment of multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Benefit of complete response in multiple myeloma limited to high-risk subgroup identified by gene expression profiling.
Academic Article Activated protein C resistance as measured by residual factor V after Russell's viper venom and activated protein C treatment analyzed as a continuous variable in multiple myeloma and normal controls.
Academic Article RARalpha2 expression is associated with disease progression and plays a crucial role in efficacy of ATRA treatment in myeloma.
Concept Treatment Outcome
Academic Article Gene expression profiling and correlation with outcome in clinical trials of the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib.
Academic Article Drug resistance in hematologic malignancies: induction mechanisms, genetics, and therapeutics.
Academic Article Prevention Is the Best Treatment: The Case for Understanding the Transition from Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance to Myeloma.
Grant Gene expression profiling vs MRD assessment in Myeloma
Academic Article Bruton tyrosine kinase is a therapeutic target in stem-like cells from multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Preclinical validation of interleukin 6 as a therapeutic target in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Early versus deferred treatment for smoldering multiple myeloma: a meta-analysis of randomized, controlled trials.
Academic Article Thalidomide treatment for patients with previously untreated multiple myeloma: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Academic Article Superior efficacy of rituximab-based chemoimmunotherapy as an initial therapy in newly diagnosed patients with B cell indolent lymphomas: long-term results from a single center in China.
Academic Article Lenalidomide after stem-cell transplantation for multiple myeloma: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Grant Retinoid Based Treatment Approaches to Target the Myeloma Stem Cell
Grant NEK2 Over-expression Causes Drug Resistance in Myeloma
Grant Novel NEK2 signaling pathways in myeloma progression
Academic Article Monitoring treatment response and disease progression in myeloma with circulating cell-free DNA.
Grant CD24 Tumor-Initiating Cell as a Novel Therapeutic Target in Myeloma
Academic Article PHF19 inhibition as a therapeutic target in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Therapeutic effects of oligo-single-stranded DNA mimicking of hsa-miR-15a-5p on multiple myeloma.
Grant Targeting NEK2 Enables Immune Checkpoint Blockade in High-Risk/Relapsed Myeloma
Academic Article Role of NEK2A in human cancer and its therapeutic potentials.
Academic Article WDR26 and MTF2 are therapeutic targets in multiple myeloma.

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