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Concept Cells, Cultured
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Concept Epithelial Cells
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Concept Stem Cells
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Concept Myeloid Cells
Academic Article Estrogen receptor ?: switching to a new partner and escaping from estrogen.
Academic Article Sex-specific regulation of collagen I and III expression by 17?-Estradiol in cardiac fibroblasts: role of estrogen receptors.
Academic Article Phosphorylation of human estrogen receptor-beta at serine 105 inhibits breast cancer cell migration and invasion.
Academic Article NR2E3 is a key component in p53 activation by regulating a long noncoding RNA DINO in acute liver injuries.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor ? (ER?1) transactivation is differentially modulated by the transcriptional coregulator Tip60 in a cis-acting element-dependent manner.
Academic Article Inhibition Role of Atherogenic Diet on Ethyl Carbamate Induced Lung Tumorigenesis in C57BL/6J Mice.
Academic Article Overexpression of cytochrome P450 1A1 and its novel spliced variant in ovarian cancer cells: alternative subcellular enzyme compartmentation may contribute to carcinogenesis.
Academic Article Quantitative comparison and reproducibility of pathologist scoring and digital image analysis of estrogen receptor ?2 immunohistochemistry in prostate cancer.
Academic Article DNA methylome changes by estradiol benzoate and bisphenol A links early-life environmental exposures to prostate cancer risk.
Academic Article ICI 182,780-regulated gene expression in DU145 prostate cancer cells is mediated by estrogen receptor-beta/NFkappaB crosstalk.
Academic Article Hsa-miRNA-765 as a key mediator for inhibiting growth, migration and invasion in fulvestrant-treated prostate cancer.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor (ER)-beta isoforms: a key to understanding ER-beta signaling.
Academic Article Apigenin suppresses cancer cell growth through ERbeta.
Academic Article The transcriptional repressor ZBTB4 regulates EZH2 through a MicroRNA-ZBTB4-specificity protein signaling axis.
Academic Article Methylation of a single intronic CpG mediates expression silencing of the PMP24 gene in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Differential expression of estrogen receptor beta isoforms in prostate cancer through interplay between transcriptional and translational regulation.
Academic Article Unique bisphenol A transcriptome in prostate cancer: novel effects on ERbeta expression that correspond to androgen receptor mutation status.
Academic Article Loss of NR2E3 represses AHR by LSD1 reprogramming, is associated with poor prognosis in liver cancer.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor beta2 and beta5 are associated with poor prognosis in prostate cancer, and promote cancer cell migration and invasion.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor ? isoform 5 confers sensitivity of breast cancer cell lines to chemotherapeutic agent-induced apoptosis through interaction with Bcl2L12.
Academic Article Exposure of Human Prostaspheres to Bisphenol A Epigenetically Regulates SNORD Family Noncoding RNAs via Histone Modification.
Academic Article Bisphenol A (BPA) stimulates the interferon signaling and activates the inflammasome activity in myeloid cells.
Academic Article Dynamic regulation of estrogen receptor-beta expression by DNA methylation during prostate cancer development and metastasis.
Academic Article Estrogen activates pyruvate kinase M2 and increases the growth of TSC2-deficient cells.
Academic Article A novel Cas9-targeted long-read assay for simultaneous detection of IDH1/2 mutations and clinically relevant MGMT methylation in fresh biopsies of diffuse glioma.
Academic Article Hypomethylation of dual specificity phosphatase 22 promoter correlates with duration of service in firefighters and is inducible by low-dose benzo[a]pyrene.
Academic Article Organoid model shows effect of BPA on prostate development.
Academic Article Site-specific S-nitrosylation of integrin a6 increases the extent of prostate cancer cell migration by enhancing integrin ?1 association and weakening adherence to laminin-1.
Academic Article Exposure to bisphenol A correlates with early-onset prostate cancer and promotes centrosome amplification and anchorage-independent growth in vitro.
Academic Article Targeting GPR30 with G-1: a new therapeutic target for castration-resistant prostate cancer.
Academic Article Research resource: estrogen-driven prolactin-mediated gene-expression networks in hormone-induced prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia.
Academic Article Bisphenol A and its analogues disrupt centrosome cycle and microtubule dynamics in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Ca2+ Selective Host Rotaxane Is Highly Toxic Against Prostate Cancer Cells.
Academic Article Application of phi29 motor pRNA for targeted therapeutic delivery of siRNA silencing metallothionein-IIA and survivin in ovarian cancers.
Academic Article Sex hormones induce direct epithelial and inflammation-mediated oxidative/nitrosative stress that favors prostatic carcinogenesis in the noble rat.
Academic Article A review of the carcinogenic potential of bisphenol A.
Academic Article Bisphenol A promotes human prostate stem-progenitor cell self-renewal and increases in vivo carcinogenesis in human prostate epithelium.
Academic Article Endocrine Disruptors: A Potential Risk Factor for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.
Academic Article Reprogramming of the Epigenome by MLL1 Links Early-Life Environmental Exposures to Prostate Cancer Risk.
Academic Article Relation of DNA methylation of 5'-CpG island of ACSL3 to transplacental exposure to airborne polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and childhood asthma.
Academic Article The androgen receptor inhibits transcription of GPER1 by preventing Sp1 and Sp3 from binding to the promoters in prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article Estrogen-initiated transformation of prostate epithelium derived from normal human prostate stem-progenitor cells.
Grant Metal-induced cell-level changes in prostate epithelium and cancer risk
Grant CYP1A1, estrogen metabolism and ovarian carcinogenesis
Grant Hormone-induced inflammation and prostate cancer
Grant Estrogen Receptor-beta and Prostate Function
Grant Prostatic Differentiation and Sex Hormone Metabolism
Grant Metallothionein &Cadmium Carcinogenesis in the Prostate
Grant Metal-induced cell-level changes in prostate epithelium and cancer risk
Grant Developmental Exposure to Low-dose Bisphenol A and Human Prostate Cancer Suscepti
Grant Susceptible Window of High Fat Diet/Bisphenol A Programming of Breast Cancer Risk
Grant Progesterone-mediated protection against ovarian cancer
Grant Effects of Arsenic on Human Prostate Stem Cells and Prostate Cancer Risk
Grant Developmental Reprogramming of Prostate Carcinogenesis by BPA
Academic Article Stem Cell Theory of Cancer: Clinical Implications of Epigenomic versus Genomic Biomarkers in Cancer Care.

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