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Academic Article Stable loss of global DNA methylation in the radiation-target tissue--a possible mechanism contributing to radiation carcinogenesis?
Academic Article Fractionated low-dose radiation exposure leads to accumulation of DNA damage and profound alterations in DNA and histone methylation in the murine thymus.
Concept Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation
Academic Article Whole-body proton irradiation causes long-term damage to hematopoietic stem cells in mice.
Academic Article Exposure to low-dose (56)Fe-ion radiation induces long-term epigenetic alterations in mouse bone marrow hematopoietic progenitor and stem cells.
Academic Article Novel retinoblastoma binding protein RBBP9 modulates sex-specific radiation responses in vivo.
Academic Article Combined exposure to protons and (56)Fe leads to overexpression of Il13 and reactivation of repetitive elements in the mouse lung.
Academic Article A priming dose of protons alters the early cardiac cellular and molecular response to (56)Fe irradiation.
Academic Article Fractionated exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation results in accumulation of DNA damage in mouse spleen tissue and activation of apoptosis in a p53/Atm-independent manner.
Academic Article Pediatric Exposures to Ionizing Radiation: Carcinogenic Considerations.
Academic Article Effects of ionizing radiation on DNA methylation: from experimental biology to clinical applications.
Academic Article Inter-Strain Differences in LINE-1 DNA Methylation in the Mouse Hematopoietic System in Response to Exposure to Ionizing Radiation.
Academic Article Effects of low-dose rate ?-irradiation combined with simulated microgravity on markers of oxidative stress, DNA methylation potential, and remodeling in the mouse heart.
Academic Article 2017 Michael Fry Award Lecture When DNA is Actually Not a Target: Radiation Epigenetics as a Tool to Understand and Control Cellular Response to Ionizing Radiation.

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