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Concept B-Lymphocytes
Concept Dendritic Cells
Concept Bone Marrow Cells
Concept HeLa Cells
Concept Natural Killer T-Cells
Concept Stem Cells
Concept CD4-Positive T-Lymphocytes
Concept T-Lymphocytes
Concept Th1 Cells
Concept T-Lymphocytes, Regulatory
Concept Lymphoid Progenitor Cells
Academic Article Antibody, but not B-cell-dependent antigen presentation, plays an essential role in preventing Chlamydia systemic dissemination in mice.
Academic Article Adhesion Molecules Associated with Female Genital Tract Infection.
Academic Article Expression of CD11c Is Associated with Unconventional Activated T Cell Subsets with High Migratory Potential.
Academic Article Innate IFN-? Is Essential for Systemic Chlamydia muridarum Control in Mice, While CD4 T Cell-Dependent IFN-? Production Is Highly Redundant in the Female Reproductive Tract.
Academic Article A re-evaluation of the role of B cells in protective immunity to Chlamydia infection.
Academic Article Rapid CD4+ T-cell responses to bacterial flagellin require dendritic cell expression of Syk and CARD9.
Academic Article Toll-like receptor and inflammasome signals converge to amplify the innate bactericidal capacity of T helper 1 cells.
Academic Article B cells enhance antigen-specific CD4 T cell priming and prevent bacteria dissemination following Chlamydia muridarum genital tract infection.
Academic Article Cutting edge: CD28 and c-Rel-dependent pathways initiate regulatory T cell development.
Academic Article A Flt3- and Ras-dependent pathway primes B cell development by inducing a state of IL-7 responsiveness.

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