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Academic Article The mobile nucleoporin Nup2p and chromatin-bound Prp20p function in endogenous NPC-mediated transcriptional control.
Academic Article Proteomic and genomic characterization of chromatin complexes at a boundary.
Academic Article I-DIRT, a general method for distinguishing between specific and nonspecific protein interactions.
Academic Article Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yta7 regulates histone gene expression.
Academic Article Physical and functional interaction between yeast Pif1 helicase and Rim1 single-stranded DNA binding protein.
Academic Article A noncanonical bromodomain in the AAA ATPase protein Yta7 directs chromosomal positioning and barrier chromatin activity.
Academic Article Mapping the local protein interactome of the NuA3 histone acetyltransferase.
Academic Article ChAP-MS: a method for identification of proteins and histone posttranslational modifications at a single genomic locus.
Academic Article Analysis of stable and transient protein-protein interactions.
Academic Article GINS motion reveals replication fork progression is remarkably uniform throughout the yeast genome.
Academic Article Yng1 PHD finger binding to H3 trimethylated at K4 promotes NuA3 HAT activity at K14 of H3 and transcription at a subset of targeted ORFs.
Academic Article Genetic and biochemical evaluation of the importance of Cdc6 in regulating mitotic exit.
Academic Article Purification of a specific native genomic locus for proteomic analysis.
Concept Saccharomyces cerevisiae Proteins
Academic Article A CRISPR-based approach for proteomic analysis of a single genomic locus.
Academic Article A PWWP domain-containing protein targets the NuA3 acetyltransferase complex via histone H3 lysine 36 trimethylation to coordinate transcriptional elongation at coding regions.
Academic Article Purification of specific chromatin loci for proteomic analysis.
Academic Article The bromodomain of Gcn5 regulates site specificity of lysine acetylation on histone H3.
Academic Article Yeast transcription co-activator Sub1 and its human homolog PC4 preferentially bind to G-quadruplex DNA.
Academic Article KDM5 lysine demethylases are involved in maintenance of 3'UTR length.
Academic Article Proteomic identification of histone post-translational modifications and proteins enriched at a DNA double-strand break.
Academic Article Proteomic characterization of the arsenic response locus in S. cerevisiae.

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