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Academic Article Aging is associated with diminished accretion of muscle proteins after the ingestion of a small bolus of essential amino acids.
Academic Article Adult patients are more catabolic than children during acute phase after burn injury: a retrospective analysis on muscle protein kinetics.
Academic Article Stable isotope tracer dilution for quantifying very low-density lipoprotein-triacylglycerol kinetics in man.
Academic Article Inverse regulation of protein turnover and amino acid transport in skeletal muscle of hypercatabolic patients.
Academic Article The flow phase of wound metabolism is characterized by stimulated protein synthesis rather than cell proliferation.
Concept Postprandial Period
Academic Article Postprandial muscle protein synthesis is higher after a high whey protein, leucine-enriched supplement than after a dairy-like product in healthy older people: a randomized controlled trial.
Grant Nutritional Therapy in Elderly with Heart Failure
Grant Optimal Amino Acid Nutrition in Sepsis
Grant Nutritional Therapy in Elderly with Heart Failure
Grant Amino Acids and Muscle Protein Synthesis
Grant Expanding Translational Research in Arkansas
Grant Muscle preservation during weight loss in older, overweight individuals
Academic Article Quantifying the contribution of dietary protein to whole body protein kinetics: examination of the intrinsically labeled proteins method.
Academic Article Effects of high versus standard essential amino acid intakes on whole-body protein turnover and mixed muscle protein synthesis during energy deficit: A randomized, crossover study.
Academic Article The Anabolic Response to Dietary Protein Is Not Limited by the Maximal Stimulation of Protein Synthesis in Healthy Older Adults: A Randomized Crossover Trial.
Academic Article Essential Amino Acids and Protein Synthesis: Insights into Maximizing the Muscle and Whole-Body Response to Feeding.
Academic Article Essential amino acid-enriched whey enhances post-exercise whole-body protein balance during energy deficit more than iso-nitrogenous whey or a mixed-macronutrient meal: a randomized, crossover study.
Academic Article Equivalent servings of free-range reindeer promote greater net protein balance compared to commercial beef.

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