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Academic Article High blood pressure upregulates arterial L-type Ca2+ channels: is membrane depolarization the signal?
Academic Article Nitration and functional loss of voltage-gated K+ channels in rat coronary microvessels exposed to high glucose.
Academic Article Voltage-gated K+ channels in rat small cerebral arteries: molecular identity of the functional channels.
Academic Article Freshly isolated bovine coronary endothelial cells do not express the BK Ca channel gene.
Academic Article Intracellular Ca2+ silences L-type Ca2+ channels in mesenteric veins: mechanism of venous smooth muscle resistance to calcium channel blockers.
Academic Article Loss of cerebrovascular Shaker-type K(+) channels: a shared vasodilator defect of genetic and renal hypertensive rats.
Academic Article Postsynaptic density-95 scaffolding of Shaker-type K? channels in smooth muscle cells regulates the diameter of cerebral arteries.
Concept Patch-Clamp Techniques
Academic Article Protein kinase A-phosphorylated KV1 channels in PSD95 signaling complex contribute to the resting membrane potential and diameter of cerebral arteries.
Academic Article Overexpression of the Large-Conductance, Ca2+-Activated K+ (BK) Channel Shortens Action Potential Duration in HL-1 Cardiomyocytes.
Grant Role of Cerebrovascular K+ Channels in Hypertension
Grant Doxorubicin suppression of lymphatic function and therapeutic reversal

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