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Academic Article Castration reduces mRNA levels for calcium regulatory proteins in rat heart.
Academic Article The L-type calcium channel alpha 1C subunit gene undergoes extensive, uncoordinated alternative splicing.
Academic Article Gonadectomy of adult male rats reduces contractility of isolated cardiac myocytes.
Academic Article Chronic high pressure potentiates the antiproliferative effect and abolishes contractile phenotypic changes caused by endothelial cells in cocultured smooth muscle cells.
Academic Article Testosterone regulates mRNA levels of calcium regulatory proteins in cardiac myocytes.
Academic Article Ca2+ influx-induced sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ overload causes mitochondrial-dependent apoptosis in ventricular myocytes.
Academic Article Delivery of ion channel genes to treat cardiovascular diseases.
Academic Article Design of mutant beta2 subunits as decoy molecules to reduce the expression of functional Ca2+ channels in cardiac cells.
Academic Article Vascular calcium channels and high blood pressure: pathophysiology and therapeutic implications.
Academic Article Regulation of DHP receptor expression by elements in the 5'-flanking sequence.
Academic Article Regulation of calcium channel expression in neonatal myocytes by catecholamines.
Academic Article Expression of calcium channels in adult cardiac myocytes is regulated by calcium.
Academic Article Transcriptional regulation of L-type calcium channel expression in cardiac myocytes.
Academic Article Developmental regulation of the L-type calcium channel alpha1C subunit expression in heart.
Academic Article An animal model of dilated cardiomyopathy: characterization of dihydropyridine receptors and contractile performance.
Concept Calcium Channels, L-Type
Academic Article T-type calcium channel blockade in the management of chronic ischemic heart disease
Academic Article Isolation and characterization of the 5' flanking sequence of the rat L-type calcium channel a1C subunit gene
Academic Article Identification of regulatory sequences in the L-type calcium channels a1c subunit gene that confer adrenergic and steroid responsiveness
Academic Article Expression of beta 2 subunit mutants alters localization of L-type calcium channels in rat adult cardiomyocytes
Academic Article Nkx2.5 is involved in regulation of L-type calcium channel gene expression in vascular smooth muscle cells
Academic Article Alternative splicing of the alpha 1-c gene for the L-type calcium channel in the cardiovascular system
Grant Cav1.2 Transcript Regulation in Heart and Smooth Muscle

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