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Academic Article Different molecular mechanisms underlie ethanol-induced bone loss in cycling and pregnant rats.
Academic Article Protective effects of estradiol on ethanol-induced bone loss involve inhibition of reactive oxygen species generation in osteoblasts and downstream activation of the extracellular signal-regulated kinase/signal transducer and activator of transcription 3/receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappaB ligand signaling cascade.
Academic Article Estradiol protects against ethanol-induced bone loss by inhibiting up-regulation of receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappaB ligand in osteoblasts.
Academic Article Inhibition of NADPH oxidases prevents chronic ethanol-induced bone loss in female rats.
Academic Article Short term effects on bone quality associated with consumption of soy protein isolate and other dietary protein sources in rapidly growing female rats.
Academic Article Feeding blueberry diets to young rats dose-dependently inhibits bone resorption through suppression of RANKL in stromal cells.
Academic Article Chronic ethanol consumption inhibits postlactational anabolic bone rebuilding in female rats.
Academic Article Differential effects of short term feeding of a soy protein isolate diet and estrogen treatment on bone in the pre-pubertal rat.
Concept Bone Resorption
Academic Article Loss of functional NADPH oxidase 2 protects against alcohol-induced bone resorption in female p47phox-/- mice.
Academic Article Impairment of osteoclastic bone resorption in rapidly growing female p47 phox knockout mice
Academic Article Genistein supplementation increases bone turnover but does not prevent alcohol-induced bone loss in male mice.

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