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Wolfe, RobertPerson Why?
Amino Acids and Muscle Protein SynthesisGrant Why?
Effects of acute oral feeding on protein metabolism and muscle protein synthesis in individuals with cancer.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of basal whole-body protein kinetics and muscle protein synthesis between young and older adults.Academic Article Why?
Effects of Albuterol on Muscle Protein SynthesisGrant Why?
Alaska Backcountry Expeditionary Hunting Promotes Sustained Muscle Protein Synthesis.Academic Article Why?
Inhibition of jejunal protein synthesis and breakdown in Pseudomonas aeruginosa-induced sepsis pig model.Academic Article Why?
Measuring muscle protein synthesis in humans and the influence of nutritional state.Academic Article Why?
Plasma protein synthesis measurements using a proteomics strategy.Academic Article Why?
Effect of dietary protein on bed-rest-related changes in whole-body-protein synthesisAcademic Article Why?
Protein synthesis in mature human oocytes.Academic Article Why?
Nutritional Stimulation of Muscle Protein Synthesis and Metabolic Rate After Bariatric SurgeryGrant Why?
Protein synthesis and secretion by activated human lymphocytes.Academic Article Why?
Artificial gravity maintains skeletal muscle protein synthesis during 21 days simulated microgravityAcademic Article Why?
Basal muscle amino acid kinetics and protein synthesis in healthy young and older menAcademic Article Why?
Comparison of constant infusion and flooding dose techniques to measure muscle protein synthesis rate in dogsAcademic Article Why?
Effect of exercise and recovery on muscle protein synthesis in human subjectsAcademic Article Why?
Effects of hemin and other porphyrins on protein synthesis in a reticulocyte lysate cell-free systemAcademic Article Why?
Infusion of labeled KIC is more accurate than labeled leucine to determine human muscle protein synthesisAcademic Article Why?
Latency and duration of stimulation of human muscle protein synthesis during continuous infusion of amino acidsAcademic Article Why?
Mixed muscle protein synthesis and breakdown after resistance exercise in humansAcademic Article Why?
Nonessential amino acids are not necessary to stimulate net muscle protein synthesis in healthy volunteersAcademic Article Why?
Oral and intravenously administered amino acids produce similar effects on muscle protein synthesis in the elderlyAcademic Article Why?
Physiologic hyperinsulinemia stimulates protein synthesis and enhances transport of selected amino acids in human skeletal muscleAcademic Article Why?
Protein synthesis and breakdown in skin and muscle: a leg model of amino acid kineticsAcademic Article Why?
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