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A systematic review of global surgery partnerships and a proposed framework for sustainability.Academic Article Why?
Outcomes of elective liver surgery worldwide: a global, prospective, multicenter, cross-sectional study.Academic Article Why?
Surgery as a Global Health Need.Academic Article Why?
Giorgakis, EmmanouilPerson Why?
Reducing the environmental impact of surgery on a global scale: systematic review and co-prioritization with healthcare workers in 132 countries.Academic Article Why?
A study of resident proficiency with thyroid surgery: Creation of a thyroid specific tool and comparison to a global assessment toolAcademic Article Why?
Laryea, JonathanPerson Why?
Dickinson, KarenPerson Why?
Canadian Journal of SurgeryAcademic Article Why?
The global surgical package--let's get the facts straight.Academic Article Why?
Margolick, JosephPerson Why?
SARS-CoV-2 vaccination modelling for safe surgery to save lives: data from an international prospective cohort studyAcademic Article Why?
Methadone and a Clinical Pathway in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Surgery: A Historically Controlled Study.Academic Article Why?
Negative Sagittal Balance Following Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Decompression in Adult Lumbar Deformity Surgery Is Associated With Increased Perioperative Complications but Favorable Long-Term Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Esophageal Perforation Following Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery: Case Report and Review of the Literature.Academic Article Why?
Impact of Operation Time on 30-Day Complications After Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Incidence and Outcomes of Acute Implant Extrusion Following Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Myelopathic Patients Undergoing Severe Pediatric Spinal Deformity Surgery Can Improve Neurologic Function to That of Non-Myelopathic Patients by 1-Year Postoperative.Academic Article Why?
The 100 Most Influential Articles in Cervical Spine Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Barnes, C. LowryPerson Why?
Elective surgery system strengthening: development, measurement, and validation of the surgical preparedness index across 1632 hospitals in 119 countries.Academic Article Why?
A Commentary on Safety Precautions for Otologic Surgery during the COVID-19 Pandemic.Academic Article Why?
Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on otolaryngologic surgery: Brief commentary.Academic Article Why?
Govindarajan, RangaswamyPerson Why?
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