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Koturbash, IgorPerson Why?
Ho, Shuk-MeiPerson Why?
Epigenesis, GeneticConcept Why?
Roy Choudhury, SamratPerson Why?
2017 Michael Fry Award Lecture When DNA is Actually Not a Target: Radiation Epigenetics as a Tool to Understand and Control Cellular Response to Ionizing Radiation.Academic Article Why?
A Randomized Phase II Trial of Epigenetic Priming with Guadecitabine and Carboplatin in Platinum-resistant, Recurrent Ovarian Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Associations between genetic and epigenetic variations in cytokine genes and mild persistent breast pain in women following breast cancer surgery.Academic Article Why?
Beyond the genome: challenges and potential for epigenetics-driven therapeutic approaches in pulmonary arterial hypertension.Academic Article Why?
Complex epigenetic patterns in cerebellum generated after developmental exposure to trichloroethylene and/or high fat diet in autoimmune-prone mice.Academic Article Why?
Contribution of genetic and epigenetic mechanisms to Wnt pathway activity in prevalent skeletal disorders.Academic Article Why?
Coordinated alterations in RNA splicing and epigenetic regulation drive leukaemogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Correction for multiple testing in candidate-gene methylation studies.Academic Article Why?
Current and potential epigenetic targets in multiple myeloma.Academic Article Why?
Developmental exposure to bisphenol A increases prostate cancer susceptibility in adult rats: epigenetic mode of action is implicated.Academic Article Why?
Developmental reprogramming of cancer susceptibility.Academic Article Why?
DNA Methylation in Radiation-Induced Carcinogenesis: Experimental Evidence and Clinical Perspectives.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylome changes by estradiol benzoate and bisphenol A links early-life environmental exposures to prostate cancer risk.Academic Article Why?
Does epigenetic drift contribute to age-related increases in breast cancer risk?Academic Article Why?
Environmental epigenetics and asthma: current concepts and call for studies.Academic Article Why?
Environmental epigenetics and its implication on disease risk and health outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Environmental factors, epigenetics, and developmental origin of reproductive disorders.Academic Article Why?
Epigenetic Editing of Ascl1 Gene in Neural Stem Cells by Optogenetics.Academic Article Why?
Epigenetic effects of low-level sodium arsenite exposure on human liver HepaRG cells.Academic Article Why?
Epigenetic Modification in Coronary Atherosclerosis: JACC Review Topic of the Week.Academic Article Why?
Epigenetic modifiers exert renal toxicity through induction of p66shc.Academic Article Why?
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