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Do you need to edit pre-populated information on your Profile?

  • Corrections to your biographical information: Your biographical information is pulled from SAP. Any errors will need to be fixed within SAP and will require contacting either your department’s SAP administrator or someone within SAP administration. If you notice errors to your biographical information, please contact TRI by submitting a portal request through TRI’s Request Services Portal page; we will be better able to look into your specific issue and direct the request to the right person(s).
    Note: you can edit your photo by accessing the Edit My Profile (login required) and accessing the “photo” option under the Address Category.
  • Corrections to your grant info: Click here to login and edit your profile. Grant information can be edited by accessing the “principal investigator” and “co-investigator” options under the Research Funds Category.
  • Corrections to your publications: Click here to login and edit your profile. Publications can be edited by accessing the “selected publications” option under the Bibliographic Category.