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This is a "connection" page, showing publications co-authored by Robert Wolfe and Elisabet Borsheim.

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  1. B?rsheim E, Bui QU, Tissier S, Cree MG, R?nsen O, Morio B, Ferrando AA, Kobayashi H, Newcomer BR, Wolfe RR. Amino acid supplementation decreases plasma and liver triacylglycerols in elderly. Nutrition. 2009 Mar; 25(3):281-8.
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    Score: 0.348
  2. B?rsheim E, Bui QU, Tissier S, Kobayashi H, Ferrando AA, Wolfe RR. Effect of amino acid supplementation on muscle mass, strength and physical function in elderly. Clin Nutr. 2008 Apr; 27(2):189-95.
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    Score: 0.330
  3. B?rsheim E, Bui QU, Wolfe RR. Plasma amino acid concentrations during late rehabilitation in patients with traumatic brain injury. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2007 Feb; 88(2):234-8.
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    Score: 0.306
  4. B?rsheim E, Kobayashi H, Traber DL, Wolfe RR. Compartmental distribution of amino acids during hemodialysis-induced hypoaminoacidemia. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2006 Apr; 290(4):E643-52.
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    Score: 0.281
  5. Borsheim E, Aarsland A, Wolfe RR. Effect of an amino acid, protein, and carbohydrate mixture on net muscle protein balance after resistance exercise. Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2004 Jun; 14(3):255-71.
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    Score: 0.255
  6. B?rsheim E, Cree MG, Tipton KD, Elliott TA, Aarsland A, Wolfe RR. Effect of carbohydrate intake on net muscle protein synthesis during recovery from resistance exercise. J Appl Physiol (1985). 2004 Feb; 96(2):674-8.
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    Score: 0.244
  7. B?rsheim E, Tipton KD, Wolf SE, Wolfe RR. Essential amino acids and muscle protein recovery from resistance exercise. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2002 Oct; 283(4):E648-57.
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    Score: 0.227
  8. Diaz EC, Williams DK, Cotter M, Sims CR, Wolfe RR, Andres A, B?rsheim E. Breastfeeding duration modifies the association between maternal weight status and offspring dietary palmitate oxidation. Am J Clin Nutr. 2022 08 04; 116(2):404-414.
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    Score: 0.224
  9. Hawley AL, Liang X, B?rsheim E, Wolfe RR, Salisbury L, Hendy E, Wu H, Walker S, Tacinelli AM, Baum JI. The potential role of beef and nutrients found in beef on outcomes of wellbeing in healthy adults 50?years of age and older: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials. Meat Sci. 2022 Jul; 189:108830.
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    Score: 0.220
  10. Hudson JL, Cotter M, Herndon DN, Wolfe RR, B?rsheim E. Comparison of Arterial-Venous Balance and Tracer Incorporation Methods for Measuring Muscle Fractional Synthesis and Fractional Breakdown Rates. J Burn Care Res. 2022 01 05; 43(1):156-162.
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    Score: 0.216
  11. Marquis BJ, Hurren NM, Carvalho E, Kim IY, Schutzler S, Azhar G, Wolfe RR, B?rsheim E. Skeletal Muscle Acute and Chronic Metabolic Response to Essential Amino Acid Supplementation in Hypertriglyceridemic Older Adults. Curr Dev Nutr. 2017 Nov; 1(11):e002071.
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    Score: 0.161
  12. Tuvdendorj D, B?rsheim E, Sharp CP, Zhang X, Barone CM, Chinkes DL, Wolfe RR. Amino Acid Availability Regulates the Effect of Hyperinsulinemia on Skin Protein Metabolism in Pigs. J Biol Chem. 2015 Jul 17; 290(29):17776-17783.
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    Score: 0.136
  13. Sun D, Cree MG, Zhang XJ, B?ersheim E, Wolfe RR. Measurement of stable isotopic enrichment and concentration of long-chain fatty acyl-carnitines in tissue by HPLC-MS. J Lipid Res. 2006 Feb; 47(2):431-9.
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    Score: 0.070
  14. Paddon-Jones D, B?rsheim E, Wolfe RR. Potential ergogenic effects of arginine and creatine supplementation. J Nutr. 2004 Oct; 134(10 Suppl):2888S-2894S; discussion 2895S.
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    Score: 0.065
  15. Kobayashi H, B?rsheim E, Anthony TG, Traber DL, Badalamenti J, Kimball SR, Jefferson LS, Wolfe RR. Reduced amino acid availability inhibits muscle protein synthesis and decreases activity of initiation factor eIF2B. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2003 Mar; 284(3):E488-98.
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    Score: 0.058
  16. Gu C, Brereton N, Schweitzer A, Cotter M, Duan D, B?rsheim E, Wolfe RR, Pham LV, Polotsky VY, Jun JC. Metabolic Effects of Late Dinner in Healthy Volunteers-A Randomized Crossover Clinical Trial. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2020 08 01; 105(8).
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    Score: 0.049
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