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Concept Poverty Areas
Concept Poverty
Academic Article County poverty levels influence genome-wide DNA methylation profiles in African American and European American women.
Academic Article Effect of area poverty rate on cancer screening across US communities.
Academic Article The role of race and poverty in access to foods that enable individuals to adhere to dietary guidelines.
Academic Article Positional accuracy and geographic bias of four methods of geocoding in epidemiologic research.
Academic Article Neighbourhood environment and the incidence of depressive symptoms among middle-aged African Americans.
Academic Article Geographic clustering of adequate diagnostic follow-up after abnormal screening results for breast cancer among low-income women in Missouri.
Academic Article The association of sidewalk walkability and physical disorder with area-level race and poverty.
Academic Article Asthma prevalence in low-income urban elementary school students in St. Louis, 1992 and 2004.
Academic Article Area-level poverty and preterm birth risk: a population-based multilevel analysis.
Academic Article Geographic variation and effect of area-level poverty rate on colorectal cancer screening.
Academic Article Area-level poverty is associated with greater risk of ambulatory-care-sensitive hospitalizations in older breast cancer survivors.
Academic Article The role of poverty rate and racial distribution in the geographic clustering of breast cancer survival among older women: a geographic and multilevel analysis.
Academic Article Racial disparities in the development of breast cancer metastases among older women: a multilevel study.
Academic Article Temporal trends in area socioeconomic disparities in breast-cancer incidence and mortality, 1988-2005.
Academic Article Geographic disparity, area poverty, and human papillomavirus vaccination.
Academic Article Reliability of perceived neighbourhood conditions and the effects of measurement error on self-rated health across urban and rural neighbourhoods.
Academic Article Geographic variation in colorectal cancer survival and the role of small-area socioeconomic deprivation: a multilevel survival analysis of the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study Cohort.
Academic Article Associations between sexuality education in schools and adolescent birthrates: a state-level longitudinal model.
Academic Article Mediators of the effect of neighborhood poverty on physical functioning among breast cancer survivors: a longitudinal study.
Academic Article Nicotine replacement therapy, tobacco products, and electronic cigarettes in pharmacies in St. Louis, Missouri.
Academic Article Explaining large mortality differences between adjacent counties: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Early indicators of the effect of a breast cancer screening program for low-income women.

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