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Academic Article Evaluating the utility and accuracy of a reverse telephone directory to identify the location of survey respondents.
Academic Article Rural/urban differences in vocational outcomes for state vocational rehabilitation clients with TBI.
Academic Article Neighborhood conditions and risk of incident lower-body functional limitations among middle-aged African Americans.
Academic Article The Garden of Eden: acknowledging the impact of race and class in efforts to decrease obesity rates.
Academic Article Neighbourhood environment and the incidence of depressive symptoms among middle-aged African Americans.
Academic Article Multiple sclerosis prevalence and possible lead exposure.
Academic Article Do recreational resources contribute to physical activity?
Academic Article Geographic clustering of adequate diagnostic follow-up after abnormal screening results for breast cancer among low-income women in Missouri.
Academic Article The association of sidewalk walkability and physical disorder with area-level race and poverty.
Academic Article An epidemiologic investigation of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in Jefferson County, Missouri, 1998-2002.
Academic Article Rating neighborhoods for older adult health: results from the African American Health study.
Academic Article Asthma prevalence in low-income urban elementary school students in St. Louis, 1992 and 2004.
Academic Article Area-level poverty and preterm birth risk: a population-based multilevel analysis.
Academic Article Antecedents of global decline in health-related quality of life among middle-aged African Americans.
Academic Article Risky sexual behaviors and sexually transmitted diseases: a comparison study of cocaine-dependent individuals in treatment versus a community-matched sample.
Academic Article Racial and geographic differences in mammography screening in St. Louis City: a multilevel study.
Academic Article Geographic variation and effect of area-level poverty rate on colorectal cancer screening.
Academic Article Using county-level public health data to prioritize medical education topics.
Academic Article Adverse housing and neighborhood conditions and inflammatory markers among middle-aged African Americans.
Academic Article A longitudinal study of factors associated with perceived risk of recurrence in women with ductal carcinoma in situ and early-stage invasive breast cancer.
Academic Article Urinary and fecal incontinence and quality of life in African Americans.
Academic Article Impact of multiple caregiving roles on elevated depressed mood in early-stage breast cancer patients and same-age controls.
Academic Article Concordance of commercial data sources for neighborhood-effects studies.
Academic Article Neighborhood conditions, diabetes, and risk of lower-body functional limitations among middle-aged African Americans: a cohort study.
Academic Article The association between chronic disease burden and quality of life among breast cancer survivors in Missouri.
Academic Article Estimated effects of potential interventions to prevent decreases in self-rated health among breast cancer survivors.
Academic Article Effect of street connectivity on incidence of lower-body functional limitations among middle-aged African Americans.
Academic Article A Bayesian hierarchical model of nontraumatic lower-extremity amputation rates.
Academic Article Using Google Street View to audit the built environment: inter-rater reliability results.
Academic Article Alcohol outlet availability and excessive alcohol consumption in breast cancer survivors.
Academic Article Mediators of the effect of neighborhood poverty on physical functioning among breast cancer survivors: a longitudinal study.
Academic Article Self-rated health trajectories in the African American health cohort.
Academic Article Prevalence of cigarette advertising and other promotional strategies at the point of sale in St Louis, Missouri: analysis by store type and distance from a school.
Academic Article The St. Louis African American health-heart study: methodology for the study of cardiovascular disease and depression in young-old African Americans.
Academic Article The health and welfare of rural and urban cancer survivors in Missouri.
Academic Article Neighborhood socioeconomic deprivation, tumor subtypes, and causes of death after non-metastatic invasive breast cancer diagnosis: a multilevel competing-risk analysis.
Academic Article Nicotine replacement therapy, tobacco products, and electronic cigarettes in pharmacies in St. Louis, Missouri.
Academic Article Childhood lead exposure and sexually transmitted infections: New evidence.
Academic Article The intersection of aggregate-level lead exposure and crime.
Academic Article Geographic Variation in Maternal Smoking during Pregnancy in the Missouri Adolescent Female Twin Study (MOAFTS).
Academic Article Adaptation of a Modified DASH Diet to a Rural African American Community Setting.
Academic Article Increased IFRD1 Expression in Human Colon Cancers Predicts Reduced Patient Survival.
Academic Article Aggregate-level lead exposure, gun violence, homicide, and rape.
Academic Article Testing the Feasibility of Using Ecological Momentary Assessment to Collect Real-Time Behavior and Mood to Predict Technology-Measured HIV Medication Adherence.
Academic Article Operationalizing Population Health Management in Practice.
Academic Article Using multilevel regression with poststratification to obtain regional health estimates from a Facebook-recruited sample.
Academic Article Outcomes Associated With Social Distancing Policies in St Louis, Missouri, During the Early Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Explaining large mortality differences between adjacent counties: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Description of Missouri children who suffer burn injuries.
Academic Article Improving survival of vulnerable infants increases neonatal intensive care unit nosocomial infection rate.
Academic Article The effect of education plus access on perceived fruit and vegetable consumption in a rural African American community intervention.

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