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overview Kiran Kumar has a Ph.D. degree in Biotechnology (specialization in protein chemistry and enzymology) from one of the reputed Institutes in India, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati. He has a vast Postdoctoral Research experience from Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania and Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York, NY, USA focusing on different metalloproteins, their biochemical, molecular, biophysical & structure-functions. He worked on several novel proteins and enzymes and their biochemical, structural, and molecular research during doctoral and postdoctoral training. He also worked with different Biotech & Probiotic Industries in the position of Group Leader & Head Research and Development. He was also associated several years with Non-profit Research Organization in different research & administrative positions (Senior Scientist to Head of the Division) leading several research scientists, research groups and technical teams. He worked with a broad range of microbial systems, protein chemistry and structure-function of enzymes for bioenergy and food bioprocessing applications.
research overview I have a strong record of formal training in basic biochemistry from my bachelor and master’s programs. As a graduate in biotechnology, I was trained in developing complex membrane-bound redox proteins from microbial sources, characterize its functional properties towards its potential applications, synthesis of industrially important products, enzyme-based biosensors and biofuel cells. During my postdoctoral training, I had gained immense experience in several biochemical, biophysical, molecular expression tools, focused on protein crystallization of metallo-proteins, denovo crystal structure determination of novel iron-sulfur protein containing both eukaryotic and prokaryotic subunits from the archaebacterial with key cellular functions. Being part of industrial research, I was involved in design and development of cellulose degrading enzymes, novel green solvents, micro-algae and its deployment towards bio-renewable energy research, and probiotic gut microbiota towards increasing innate health immunity. Currently, I am actively involved in research projects pertaining to muscle physiology, work that complements collaborative studies examining protein-ligand interactions of different cellular metabolites. Having broad experience in multi- and inter-disciplinary research skills in structural and functional biology, I am able to collaborate with investigators in various fields. My focus is to develop in vitro based research experimentations in understanding cellular physiology and approaches that provide a strong scientific premise connecting in silico and in vivo research. Thus, my overall research program addresses research, design, development and deployment. This unique skillset and approach will be applied in the current application considering its focus on myoglobin structural-functional biochemistry and implications toward intermediary metabolism of cellular metabolites in pathophysiological conditions.

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