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Concept Cross-Sectional Studies
Academic Article Suicide mortality by occupation in Canada, 1991-2001.
Academic Article Musculoskeletal symptoms among mobile hand-held device users and their relationship to device use: A preliminary study in a Canadian university population.
Academic Article Workplace organizational policies and practices in Ontario educational facilities.
Academic Article The Relation of Combined Aerobic and Muscle-Strengthening Physical Activities With Presenteeism.
Academic Article Association of Self-Reported Aerobic Physical Activity, Muscle-Strengthening Physical Activity, and Stretching Behavior With Presenteeism.
Academic Article Smoking behavior in a low-income multiethnic HIV/AIDS population.
Academic Article Direct observation of computer workplace risk factors of college students.
Academic Article Geographic variation in work injuries: a multilevel analysis of individual-level data and area-level factors within Canada.
Academic Article Undergraduate college students' upper extremity symptoms and functional limitations related to computer use: a replication study.
Academic Article Daily computer usage correlated with undergraduate students' musculoskeletal symptoms.
Academic Article Mechanical systems versus smoking bans for secondhand smoke control.
Academic Article Reliability and validity of the work role functioning questionnaire (Spanish version).
Academic Article Sociodemographic Factors, Population Density, and Bicycling for Transportation in the United States.
Academic Article Functional status and overall quality of life in a multiethnic HIV-positive population.
Academic Article Two valid and reliable work role functioning questionnaire short versions were developed: WRFQ 5 and WRFQ 10.
Academic Article Social capital, income inequality, and self-rated health in 45 countries.
Academic Article Computer use patterns associated with upper extremity musculoskeletal symptoms.
Academic Article Comparison of Employer Productivity Metrics to Lost Productivity Estimated by Commonly Used Questionnaires.
Academic Article Larger Workplaces, People-Oriented Culture, and Specific Industry Sectors Are Associated with Co-Occurring Health Protection and Wellness Activities.
Academic Article Work organization and drinking: an epidemiological comparison of two psychosocial work exposure models.
Academic Article Psychosocial factors and work related sickness absence among permanent and non-permanent employees.
Academic Article Upper extremity musculoskeletal symptoms and functional impairment associated with computer use among college students.
Academic Article Mental health outcomes associated with the COVID-19 pandemic: Prevalence and risk factors in a southern US state.
Academic Article Anxiety, depressive, and trauma symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evaluating the role of disappointment with God.
Academic Article State-wide random seroprevalence survey of SARS-CoV-2 past infection in a southern US State, 2020.
Academic Article Assessing the Australian occupational driver behavior questionnaire in U.S. taxi drivers: Different country, different occupation and different worker population.
Academic Article Establishing General Working Population Norms for the Cognitive Symptom Checklist-Work.

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