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Concept Amino Acids, Essential
Concept Amino Acids
Academic Article The Effect of Post-Resistance Exercise Amino Acids on Plasma MCP-1 and CCR2 Expression.
Academic Article Post-resistance exercise ingestion of milk protein attenuates plasma TNFa and TNFr1 expression on monocyte subpopulations.
Academic Article Comparison of sustained-release and rapid-release ?-alanine formulations on changes in skeletal muscle carnosine and histidine content and isometric performance following a muscle-damaging protocol.
Academic Article Anabolic response to essential amino acid plus whey protein composition is greater than whey protein alone in young healthy adults.
Academic Article Muscle Protein Synthesis and Whole-Body Protein Turnover Responses to Ingesting Essential Amino Acids, Intact Protein, and Protein-Containing Mixed Meals with Considerations for Energy Deficit.
Academic Article Effects of high versus standard essential amino acid intakes on whole-body protein turnover and mixed muscle protein synthesis during energy deficit: A randomized, crossover study.
Academic Article Essential Amino Acids and Protein Synthesis: Insights into Maximizing the Muscle and Whole-Body Response to Feeding.
Academic Article Essential amino acid-enriched whey enhances post-exercise whole-body protein balance during energy deficit more than iso-nitrogenous whey or a mixed-macronutrient meal: a randomized, crossover study.
Academic Article Perioperative amino acid infusion reestablishes muscle net balance during total hip arthroplasty.
Academic Article Guidelines for parenteral nutrition in preterm infants: The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition.
Academic Article International Society of Sports Nutrition Position Stand: Effects of essential amino acid supplementation on exercise and performance.

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