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Concept Protein-Tyrosine Kinases
Concept RNA-Binding Protein FUS
Concept BRCA1 Protein
Concept Protein Interaction Mapping
Concept Ubiquitin-Protein Ligase Complexes
Concept Protein Binding
Concept Protein Transport
Concept Ubiquitin-Protein Ligases
Concept Protein Stability
Concept Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein
Concept Protein Structure, Secondary
Concept Protein Kinase Inhibitors
Concept Fanconi Anemia Complementation Group A Protein
Concept Protein Structure, Tertiary
Concept Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase 7
Concept Protein Isoforms
Academic Article LC8/DYNLL1 is a 53BP1 effector and regulates checkpoint activation.
Academic Article Fractionated radiation suppresses Kruppel-like factor 2 pathway to a greater extent than by single exposure to the same total dose.
Academic Article Histone H2A variants alpha1-extension helix directs RNF168-mediated ubiquitination.
Academic Article Screen identifies DYRK1B network as mediator of transcription repression on damaged chromatin.
Academic Article CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing of Human Histone H2A Variant H2AX and MacroH2A.
Academic Article ZMYM3 regulates BRCA1 localization at damaged chromatin to promote DNA repair.
Academic Article Ubiquitin-Activated Interaction Traps (UBAITs) identify E3 ligase binding partners.
Academic Article Screen identifies bromodomain protein ZMYND8 in chromatin recognition of transcription-associated DNA damage that promotes homologous recombination.
Academic Article Nucleosome acidic patch promotes RNF168- and RING1B/BMI1-dependent H2AX and H2A ubiquitination and DNA damage signaling.
Academic Article Modularized functions of the Fanconi anemia core complex.
Academic Article Structure analysis of FAAP24 reveals single-stranded DNA-binding activity and domain functions in DNA damage response.
Academic Article Alpha thalassemia/mental retardation syndrome X-linked gene product ATRX is required for proper replication restart and cellular resistance to replication stress.
Academic Article MTR120/KIAA1383, a novel microtubule-associated protein, promotes microtubule stability and ensures cytokinesis.
Academic Article Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA)-binding protein C1orf124 is a regulator of translesion synthesis.
Academic Article Fanconi anemia (FA) binding protein FAAP20 stabilizes FA complementation group A (FANCA) and participates in interstrand cross-link repair.
Academic Article SET nuclear oncogene associates with microcephalin/MCPH1 and regulates chromosome condensation.
Academic Article A pocket on the surface of the N-terminal BRCT domain of Mcph1 is required to prevent abnormal chromosome condensation.
Academic Article Regulation of chromatin architecture by the PWWP domain-containing DNA damage-responsive factor EXPAND1/MUM1.
Academic Article Selective over-expression of endothelin-1 in endothelial cells exacerbates inner retinal edema and neuronal death in ischemic retina.
Academic Article Targeted overexpression of endothelin-1 in astrocytes leads to more severe cytotoxic brain edema and higher mortality.
Academic Article PHF6 regulates cell cycle progression by suppressing ribosomal RNA synthesis.
Academic Article Human Rev1 relies on insert-2 to promote selective binding and accurate replication of stabilized G-quadruplex motifs.
Academic Article Dysbiotic stress increases the sensitivity of the tumor vasculature to radiotherapy and c-Met inhibitors.
Grant Mechanistic characterization of the cell cycle-dependent DNA repair pathway- Resubmission
Academic Article ZMYM2 restricts 53BP1 at DNA double-strand breaks to favor BRCA1 loading and homologous recombination.

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