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Concept Intraocular Pressure
Academic Article Longitudinal visual field variability and the ability to detect glaucoma progression in black and white individuals.
Academic Article Estimated Utility of the Short-term Assessment of Glaucoma Progression Model in Clinical Practice.
Academic Article RetiNerveNet: using recursive deep learning to estimate pointwise 24-2 visual field data based on retinal structure.
Academic Article Blood Pressure and Glaucomatous Progression in a Large Clinical Population.
Academic Article Rates of Glaucoma Progression Derived from Linear Mixed Models Using Varied Random Effect Distributions.
Academic Article Corneal hysteresis: ready for prime time?
Academic Article Association Between Serum Vitamin D Level and Rates of Structural and Functional Glaucomatous Progression.
Academic Article Association between statin use and rates of structural and functional loss in glaucoma.
Academic Article Corneal Hysteresis and Rates of Neuroretinal Rim Change in Glaucoma.
Academic Article Identifying Risk Factors for Blindness From Glaucoma at First Presentation to a Tertiary Clinic.
Academic Article Bimatoprost Implant Biodegradation in the Phase 3, Randomized, 20-Month ARTEMIS Studies.
Academic Article Validation of Rates of Mean Deviation Change as Clinically Relevant End Points for Glaucoma Progression.
Academic Article Fast Progressors in Glaucoma: Prevalence Based on Global and Central Visual Field Loss.
Academic Article Rates of Visual Field Change in Eyes With Optic Disc Drusen.
Academic Article Intraocular Pressure and Rates of Macular Thinning in Glaucoma.
Academic Article Single Administration of Bimatoprost Implant: Effects on 24-Hour Intraocular Pressure and 1-Year Outcomes.
Academic Article Hazard Detection During Simulated Driving in Glaucoma Patients.

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