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Academic Article Predictors of short-term course of drinking in untreated rural and urban at-risk drinkers: effects of gender, illegal drug use and psychiatric comorbidity.
Academic Article Factors associated with perceived stigma for alcohol use and treatment among at-risk drinkers.
Academic Article Emergency department use of persons with comorbid psychiatric and substance abuse disorders.
Academic Article A pilot study of barriers to medication adherence in schizophrenia.
Academic Article The association of psychiatric comorbidity and use of the emergency department among persons with substance use disorders: an observational cohort study.
Academic Article Patterns of health services use associated with Veterans Affairs outpatient substance-use treatment.
Academic Article Individual and program predictors of attrition from VA substance use treatment.
Academic Article Young adult, rural, African American stimulant users: antecedents and vulnerabilities.
Academic Article Characteristics of women seeking intensive outpatient substance use treatment in the VA.
Academic Article Longitudinal relationship between psychological distress and multiple substance use: results from a three-year multisite natural-history study of rural stimulant users.
Academic Article Criminal justice and alcohol treatment: results from a national sample.
Concept Substance-Related Disorders
Concept Substance Abuse Treatment Centers
Academic Article Religiosity and decreased risk of substance use disorders: is the effect mediated by social support or mental health status?
Academic Article Longitudinal associations between outpatient medical care use and substance use among rural stimulant users.
Academic Article Utilization of outpatient medical care and substance use among rural stimulant users: Do the number of visits matter?
Grant CALM: Improving Primary Care Anxiety Outcomes
Grant Intensive Referral to Al-Anon: Benefits to Concerned Others and Their Drinkers
Academic Article Experiencing Sexual Assault and/or Stalking-Related Behavior is Associated with Binge Drinking and Substance Use Consequences in Deployed U.S. Servicewomen.
Academic Article Predictors of alcohol use disorder treatment outcomes over 12 months: Role of concerned others' functioning and Al-Anon participation.

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