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Concept Tomography, Spiral Computed
Concept Tomography, X-Ray Computed
Concept Cone-Beam Computed Tomography
Academic Article Automated measurement of pediatric cranial bone thickness and density from clinical computed tomography.
Academic Article Volumetric quantitative computed tomography measurement precision for volumes and densities of tarsal and metatarsal bones.
Academic Article The brain of LB1, Homo floresiensis.
Academic Article Brain shape in human microcephalics and Homo floresiensis.
Academic Article Automated measurement of skull circumference, cranial index, and braincase volume from pediatric computed tomography.
Academic Article The type specimen (LB1) of Homo floresiensis did not have Laron syndrome.
Academic Article Assessment of technical and biological parameters of volumetric quantitative computed tomography of the foot: a phantom study.
Academic Article Validation of spiral CT and optical surface scanning for lower limb stump volumetry.
Academic Article Predicting ex vivo failure loads in human metatarsals using bone strength indices derived from volumetric quantitative computed tomography.
Academic Article Efficacy and mechanism of orthotic devices to unload metatarsal heads in people with diabetes and a history of plantar ulcers.
Academic Article Precision and accuracy of computed tomography foot measurements.
Academic Article Use of computed tomography and plantar pressure measurement for management of neuropathic ulcers in patients with diabetes.
Academic Article Below-knee residual limb shape change measurement and visualization.
Academic Article Reliability and validity of combined imaging and pressures assessment methods for diabetic feet.
Academic Article Precision of surface measurements for below-knee residua.
Academic Article Residual-limb shape change: three-dimensional CT scan measurement and depiction in vivo.
Academic Article Computed tomography to visualize and quantify the plantar aponeurosis and flexor hallucis longus tendon in the diabetic foot.
Academic Article Aligning anatomical structure from spiral X-ray computed tomography with plantar pressure data.
Academic Article Structural changes in the forefoot of individuals with diabetes and a prior plantar ulcer.
Academic Article Assessment of mass properties of human head using various three-dimensional imaging modalities.
Academic Article Finite element modeling and experimental verification of lower extremity shape change under load.
Academic Article Lower extremity residual limb slippage within the prosthesis.
Academic Article Numerical simulation of the plantar pressure distribution in the diabetic foot during the push-off stance.
Academic Article Correlation of computed tomography with histology in the assessment of periprosthetic defect healing.
Academic Article The fate of grafting acetabular defects during revision total hip arthroplasty.
Academic Article Assessment of the diabetic foot using spiral computed tomography imaging and plantar pressure measurements: a technical report.
Academic Article Quantitative Computed Tomography Classification of Lung Nodules: Initial Comparison of 2- and 3-Dimensional Analysis.
Academic Article A Candidate Imaging Marker for Early Detection of Charcot Neuroarthropathy.
Academic Article Imaging and clinical data archive for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients treated with radiotherapy.
Academic Article Design and Implementation of the Pre-Clinical DICOM Standard in Multi-Cohort Murine Studies.

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