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Concept Spectroscopy, Fourier Transform Infrared
Concept Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Concept Spectrometry, Mass, Electrospray Ionization
Concept Spectrometry, Fluorescence
Concept Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Concept Mass Spectrometry
Academic Article Novel resveratrol-based substrates for human hepatic, renal, and intestinal UDP-glucuronosyltransferases.
Academic Article bis-Azaaromatic quaternary ammonium analogues: ligands for alpha4beta2* and alpha7* subtypes of neuronal nicotinic receptors.
Academic Article Evaluation of O(3alpha)-, O(21)-di-(N(1)-methyloxycarbonyl-2, 4-dioxo-5-fluoropyrimidinyl) 17alpha-hydroxy-5beta-pregnan-20-one as a novel potential antiangiogenic codrug.
Academic Article Spectrophotometric and steady-state kinetic analysis of the biosynthetic arginine decarboxylase of Yersinia pestis utilizing arginine analogues as inhibitors and alternative substrates.
Academic Article (Z)-3-(1H-Indol-3-yl)-2-(3-thienyl)acrylonitrile and (Z)-3-[1-(4-tert-butylbenzyl)-1H-indol-3-yl]-2-(3-thienyl)acrylonitrile.
Academic Article In vivo evaluation of a transdermal codrug of 6-beta-naltrexol linked to hydroxybupropion in hairless guinea pigs.
Academic Article Nicotine exposure can be detected in cerebrospinal fluid of active and passive smokers.
Academic Article Scopolamine sublingual spray: an alternative route of delivery for the treatment of motion sickness.
Academic Article Synthesis of novel isoluminol probes and their use in rapid bacterial assays.
Academic Article A pharmacokinetic study on Z-(+/-)-2-(1-benzylindole-3-yl-methylene)azabicyclo[2.2.2]octane-3-ol; a novel radio-sensitization agent.
Academic Article Synthesis and stability of two indomethacin prodrugs.
Academic Article bis-Pyridinium cyclophanes: novel ligands with high affinity for the blood-brain barrier choline transporter.
Academic Article 1-(1H-Indol-3-ylcarbonyl)-N-(4-methoxybenzyl)formamide.
Academic Article Isolation and characterization of N-methyl-N'-oxonicotinium ion, a new urinary metabolite of R-(+)-nicotine in the guinea pig.
Academic Article Residence times and half-lives of nicotine metabolites in rat brain after acute peripheral administration of [2'-(14)C]nicotine.
Academic Article Characterization of the glucuronide conjugate of cotinine: a previously unidentified major metabolite of nicotine in smokers' urine.
Academic Article Multisubstrate adducts as potential inhibitors of S-adenosylmethionine dependent methylases: inhibition of indole N-methyltransferase by (5'-deoxyadenosyl)[3-(3-indolyl)prop-1-yl]methylsulfonium and (5'-deoxyadenosyl)[4-(3-indolyl)but-1-yl]methylsulfonium salts.
Academic Article The determination of the hydrophile-hydrophobe proton ratio in a series of polyoxyethylene sorbitan esters.
Academic Article Conopharyngine pseudoindoxyl, a new alkaloid from Tabernamontana pachysiphon Stapf. var cumminsii (Stapf.) H. Huber.
Academic Article N-methylation as a toxication route for xenobiotics. II. In vivo formation of N,N'-dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridyl ion (paraquat) from 4,4'-bipyridyl in the guinea pig.
Academic Article Stereospecific in vivo N-methylation of nicotine in the guinea pig.
Academic Article Development of a GC-MS assay for the determination of fentanyl pharmacokinetics in rabbit plasma after sublingual spray delivery.
Academic Article Oxone®-Mediated TEMPO-Oxidized Cellulose Nanomaterials form I and form II.

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