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Concept Radiotherapy Planning, Computer-Assisted
Academic Article Evaluation of Dosimetry Check software for IMRT patient-specific quality assurance.
Academic Article Stereotactic body radiation therapy patient specific quality assurance using a two-dimensional array at extended source to surface distance.
Academic Article Pinnacle3 modeling and end-to-end dosimetric testing of a Versa HD linear accelerator with the Agility head and flattening filter-free modes.
Academic Article Effect of electron contamination on in vivo dosimetry for lung block shielding during TBI.
Academic Article Comparison of composite prostate radiotherapy plan doses with dependent and independent boost phases.
Academic Article A Systematic Analysis of 2 Monoisocentric Techniques for the Treatment of Multiple Brain Metastases.
Academic Article Therapeutic benefits in grid irradiation on Tomotherapy for bulky, radiation-resistant tumors.
Academic Article Helical tomotherapy to LINAC plan conversion utilizing RayStation Fallback planning.
Academic Article Dosimetric and radiobiological comparison for quality assurance of IMRT and VMAT plans.
Academic Article Dosimetric validation of Monaco treatment planning system on an Elekta VersaHD linear accelerator.
Academic Article Technical Note: A planning technique to lower normal tissue toxicity in lung SBRT plans based on two likely dependent RTOG metrics.
Academic Article Robust optimization in lung treatment plans accounting for geometric uncertainty.
Academic Article Evaluation and comparison of second-check monitor unit calculation software with Pinnacle3 treatment planning system.
Academic Article Three-dimensional cluster formation and structure in heterogeneous dose distribution of intensity modulated radiation therapy.
Academic Article A dosimetric comparison between volumetric-modulated arc therapy and dynamic conformal arc therapy in SBRT.
Academic Article Physical and Radiobiological Evaluation of Accelerated Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy for Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer and Comparison with Short-Term Clinical Outcomes.
Academic Article Radiosurgery for mesial temporal lobe epilepsy following ROSE trial guidelines - A planning comparison between Gamma Knife, Eclipse, and Brainlab.
Academic Article Incorporating biological modeling into patient-specific plan verification.
Academic Article Cleaning the dose falloff in lung SBRT plan.
Academic Article A dosimetric comparative analysis of Brainlab elements and Eclipse RapidArc for spine SBRT treatment planning.

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