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Academic Article Activation of a microRNA response in trans reveals a new role for poly(A) in translational repression.
Academic Article Mechanism of initiation site selection promoted by the human rhinovirus 2 internal ribosome entry site.
Academic Article Characterization of the termination-reinitiation strategy employed in the expression of influenza B virus BM2 protein.
Academic Article Further characterisation of the translational termination-reinitiation signal of the influenza B virus segment 7 RNA.
Academic Article The current status of vertebrate cellular mRNA IRESs.
Academic Article MicroRNAs repress translation of m7Gppp-capped target mRNAs in vitro by inhibiting initiation and promoting deadenylation.
Academic Article The mechanism of an exceptional case of reinitiation after translation of a long ORF reveals why such events do not generally occur in mammalian mRNA translation.
Academic Article Expression of the VP2 protein of murine norovirus by a translation termination-reinitiation strategy.
Academic Article The mechanism of translation initiation on Aichivirus RNA mediated by a novel type of picornavirus IRES.
Academic Article The missing link in the eukaryotic ribosome cycle.
Academic Article Mechanisms governing the selection of translation initiation sites on foot-and-mouth disease virus RNA.
Concept Peptide Chain Initiation, Translational
Concept Peptide Initiation Factors
Concept Peptide Chain Termination, Translational

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