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Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of a primary care intervention for depressed females.
Academic Article Use of the quality of well-being self-administered version (QWB-SA) in assessing health-related quality of life in depressed patients.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of enhancing primary care depression management on an ongoing basis.
Academic Article Design and implementation of the telemedicine-enhanced antidepressant management study.
Academic Article Impact of primary care depression intervention on employment and workplace conflict outcomes: is value added?
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of a primary care depression intervention.
Academic Article Preference-weighted health status associated with substance use-disorders treatment.
Academic Article Cost effectiveness of virtual reality graded exposure therapy with physiological monitoring for the treatment of combat related post traumatic stress disorder.
Academic Article Depression-free day to utility-weighted score: is it valid?
Academic Article Preference-weighted health-related quality of life measures and substance use disorder severity.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness analysis of a rural telemedicine collaborative care intervention for depression.
Academic Article Health state preference scores of children with spina bifida and their caregivers.
Academic Article A budget impact analysis of telemedicine-based collaborative care for depression.
Academic Article One size fits some: the impact of patient treatment attitudes on the cost-effectiveness of a depression primary-care intervention.
Academic Article The cost of treating addiction from the client's perspective: results from a multi-modality application of the Client DATCAP.
Academic Article Longitudinal association of preference-weighted health-related quality of life measures and substance use disorder outcomes.
Academic Article Organizational cost of quality improvement for depression care.
Concept Costs and Cost Analysis
Concept Cost-Benefit Analysis
Concept Health Care Costs
Concept Cost of Illness
Academic Article The organizational cost of quality improvement for depression care
Academic Article Population-level cost-effectiveness of implementing evidence-based practices into routine care.
Academic Article Caring for a child with autism spectrum disorder and parents' quality of life: application of the CarerQol.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of on-site versus off-site collaborative care for depression in rural FQHCs.
Academic Article Treatment for Sleep Problems in Children with Autism and Caregiver Spillover Effects.
Academic Article Cost-Effectiveness of Collaborative Care for Depression in HIV Clinics.
Academic Article HIV patient and provider feedback on a telehealth collaborative care for depression intervention.
Academic Article Cost-Effectiveness of Telemedicine-Based Collaborative Care for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
Grant QALYs for Depression: Whose Valuations to Use for CEA
Grant Measuring quality adjusted life years in children with autism spectrum disorders
Grant Cost-Effectiveness of Reducing Drug Treatment Barriers
Academic Article A pragmatic method for costing implementation strategies using time-driven activity-based costing.

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