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Academic Article Use of electronic medical record data for quality improvement in schizophrenia treatment.
Academic Article A pilot study of barriers to medication adherence in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Greater prevalence and incidence of dementia in older veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder.
Academic Article Risk factors for clinically recognized opioid abuse and dependence among veterans using opioids for chronic non-cancer pain.
Academic Article Veterans Affairs Health System and mental health treatment retention among patients with serious mental illness: evaluating accessibility and availability barriers.
Academic Article The effectiveness of guideline implementation strategies on improving antipsychotic medication management for schizophrenia.
Academic Article Annual prevalence of diagnosed schizophrenia in the USA: a claims data analysis approach.
Academic Article Longitudinal patterns of health system retention among veterans with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.
Academic Article Does PTSD impair cognition beyond the effect of trauma?
Academic Article Using an explicit guideline-based criterion and implicit review to assess antipsychotic dosing performance for schizophrenia.
Academic Article The impact of Purple Heart commendation and PTSD on mortality rates in older veterans.
Concept Veterans Health
Concept Hospitals, Veterans
Concept United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Concept Veterans Disability Claims
Concept Veterans
Academic Article Does Rural Residence Negatively Impact Treatment of Depression and PTSD in the Veterans Health Administration?
Academic Article Greater Prevalence and Incidence of Dementia in Older Veterans with PTSD
Academic Article PTSD and Exposure to Combat-Related Physical Trauma Are Associated with Increased Vascular Comorbidities in Veterans
Academic Article Utilization of VA mental health and primary care services among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with depression: the influence of gender and ethnicity status.
Academic Article Patterns of opioid use for chronic noncancer pain in the Veterans Health Administration from 2009 to 2011.
Academic Article National study of discontinuation of long-term opioid therapy among veterans.
Academic Article Telemedicine-based collaborative care for posttraumatic stress disorder: a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Effect of rural residence on use of VHA mental health care among OEF/OIF veterans.
Academic Article Predictors of Initiation and Engagement of Cognitive Processing Therapy Among Veterans With PTSD Enrolled in Collaborative Care.
Academic Article The influence of propoxyphene withdrawal on opioid use in veterans.
Academic Article Association Between Quality Measures and Mortality in Individuals With Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders.
Academic Article Analysis of the Appropriateness of Off-Label Antipsychotic Use for Mental Health Indications in a Veteran Population.
Academic Article Pharmacoepidemiologic analyses of opioid use among OEF/OIF/OND veterans.
Academic Article Usual Care for Rural Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
Academic Article Association Between Quality Measures and Perceptions of Care Among Patients With Substance Use Disorders.
Academic Article Association between process measures and mortality in individuals with opioid use disorders.
Academic Article Factors Associated with Opioid Initiation in OEF/OIF/OND Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury.
Academic Article Relationship between concomitant benzodiazepine-opioid use and adverse outcomes among US veterans.
Academic Article A Comparison of Collaborative Care Outcomes in Two Health Care Systems: VA Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers.
Academic Article Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease, Thrombotic Cardiovascular Events, and Use of Oral P2Y12 Inhibitors among Veterans.
Academic Article Utilization of Interactive Clinical Video Telemedicine by Rural and Urban Veterans in the Veterans Health Administration Health Care System.
Grant Impact of Opioid Dosing Strategies on Pain Scores and Adverse or Unintended Clinical Outcomes
Grant Use and Abuse of Prescription Opioids Among OEF/OIF Veterans
Grant Identifying Quality Indicators for Substance Use Disorders
Grant Expanding Translational Research in Arkansas
Academic Article Therapeutic alliance across trauma-focused and non-trauma-focused psychotherapies among veterans with PTSD.
Grant Implementation of a Pragmatic Trial of Whole Health Team vs. Primary Care Group Education to Promote Non-Pharmacological Strategies to Improve Pain, Functioning, and Quality of Life in Veterans
Academic Article Veterans self-reported reasons for non-attendance in psychotherapy for posttraumatic stress disorder.
Academic Article Increased Vascular Pathology in Older Veterans With a Purple Heart Commendation or Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Academic Article Impact of opioid dose escalation on pain intensity: a retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Impact of opioid dose escalation on the development of substance use disorders, accidents, self-inflicted injuries, opioid overdoses and alcohol and non-opioid drug-related overdoses: a retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Correction to: "Availability of healthcare providers for rural veterans eligible for purchased care under the veterans choice act".
Academic Article "Availability of healthcare providers for rural veterans eligible for purchased care under the veterans choice act".
Academic Article Association Between Pain Intensity and Discontinuing Opioid Therapy or Transitioning to Intermittent Opioid Therapy After Initial Long-Term Opioid Therapy: A Retrospective Cohort Study.
Academic Article Veteran suicide and associated community characteristics in Oregon.

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