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Academic Article Ultrasound in advanced pediatric osteomyelitis. A report of 5 cases.
Academic Article Radiological case of the month. Tuberous sclerosis with myocardial and central nervous system involvement at birth.
Academic Article Anophthalmia in Delleman syndrome.
Academic Article Screening spinal ultrasound in newborns with neural tube defects.
Academic Article The gamut of increased whole bone activity in bone scintigraphy in children.
Academic Article Extracardiac chest ultrasonography in infants and children: radiographic and clinical implications.
Academic Article Duplex pulsed Doppler US versus intracranial pressure in the neonate: clinical and experimental studies.
Academic Article Incidental paranasal sinus abnormalities on CT of children: clinical correlation.
Academic Article High resolution ultrasound characterization of soft tissue masses in children.
Academic Article Diffusion-weighted imaging of the brain in infants and children.
Academic Article Multi-tiered analysis of brain injury in neonates with congenital heart disease.
Academic Article Brachial plexopathy in infants after traumatic delivery: evaluation with MR imaging.
Academic Article Evaluation of the reconstructed carotid artery following extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.
Academic Article Segmental spinal dysgenesis: a report of three cases.
Academic Article Progressive intracranial calcification in dihydropteridine reductase deficiency prior to folinic acid therapy.
Academic Article Cranial Doppler ultrasonography correlates with criteria for ventriculoperitoneal shunting.
Academic Article Intracranial resistive index (RI) values in normal term infants during the first day of life.
Academic Article Significance of opacification of the maxillary and ethmoid sinuses in infants.
Academic Article Congenital nasolacrimal duct mucocele: a cause of respiratory distress.
Academic Article Perinatal cortical and subcortical visual loss: mechanisms of injury and associated ophthalmologic signs.
Academic Article Intussusception: clinical and radiographic factors influencing reducibility.
Academic Article Cysts of the subependymal germinal matrix: sonographic demonstration with pathologic correlation.
Academic Article Megachoroid as a cause of isolated ventricle syndrome.
Academic Article Superficial CNS siderosis in the newborn: MR diagnosis.
Academic Article Head and neck MR angiography in pediatric patients: a pictorial essay.
Academic Article Brain death in infants: evaluation with Doppler US.
Academic Article Congenital cerebral and cerebrovascular anomalies: magnetic resonance imaging.
Concept Infant, Newborn, Diseases
Concept Infant, Newborn
Academic Article Impaired white matter development in extremely low-birth-weight infants with previous brain hemorrhage.
Academic Article Diffusion tensor imaging in extremely low birth weight infants managed with hypercapnic vs. normocapnic ventilation.
Academic Article White matter injury in newborns with congenital heart disease: a diffusion tensor imaging study.
Academic Article Amplitude-integrated EEG in newborns with critical congenital heart disease predicts preoperative brain magnetic resonance imaging findings.
Academic Article Strategies for Computed Tomography Radiation Dose Reduction in Pediatric Neuroimaging.
Academic Article Differences in brain functional connectivity at resting state in neonates born to healthy obese or normal-weight mothers.
Academic Article Gestational Age at Birth and Brain White Matter Development in Term-Born Infants and Children.
Academic Article Cesarean Delivery Impacts Infant Brain Development.
Academic Article Diffusion Tensor MRI of White Matter of Healthy Full-term Newborns: Relationship to Neurodevelopmental Outcomes.
Academic Article Maternal Anxiety and Depression during Late Pregnancy and Newborn Brain White Matter Development.
Academic Article Maternal Obesity during Pregnancy is Associated with Lower Cortical Thickness in the Neonate Brain.

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