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Academic Article Extrachromosomal circular DNA and aging cells.
Academic Article Studies on the molecular-genetic basis of replicative senescence in Werner syndrome and normal fibroblasts.
Concept Fibroblasts
Academic Article Carcinogens stimulate intrachromosomal homologous recombination at an endogenous locus in human diploid fibroblasts.
Academic Article Expression of SV40 large T antigen stimulates reversion of a chromosomal gene duplication in human cells.
Academic Article Induction of duplication reversion in human fibroblasts, by wild-type and mutated SV40 T antigen, covaries with the ability to induce host DNA synthesis.
Academic Article Reduced telomere length in ataxia-telangiectasia fibroblasts.
Academic Article Proportions of H1 histone subspecies in human fibroblasts shift during density-dependent growth arrest independent of replicative senescence.
Academic Article Interclonal variation in methylation patterns for expressed and non-expressed genes.
Academic Article Expression of alpha- and beta-human chorionic gonadotropin subunits in cultured human cells.
Academic Article Homologous recombination is elevated in some Werner-like syndromes but not during normal in vitro or in vivo senescence of mammalian cells.
Academic Article Mitochondrial DNA in mortal and immortal human cells. Genome number, integrity, and methylation.
Academic Article Variability of DNA methylation patterns during serial passage of human diploid fibroblasts.
Academic Article Methylation patterns in the gene for the alpha subunit of chorionic gonadotropin are inherited with variable fidelity in clonal lineages of human fibroblasts.
Academic Article c-Ha-ras-1 proto-oncogene amplification and overexpression during the limited replicative life span of normal human fibroblasts.
Academic Article Cellular and molecular biomarkers indicate precocious in vitro senescence in fibroblasts from SAMP6 mice. Evidence supporting a murine model of premature senescence and osteopenia.
Academic Article Human alphoid family of tandemly repeated DNA. Sequence of cloned tetrameric fragments and analysis of familial divergence.
Academic Article Loss of repetitious DNA in proliferating somatic cells may be due to unequal recombination.
Academic Article Absence of reverse transcriptase activity in human diploid fibroblasts.
Academic Article Clonal variation in gene methylation: c-H-ras and alpha-hCG regions vary independently in human fibroblast lineages.
Academic Article Diverse gene sequences are overexpressed in werner syndrome fibroblasts undergoing premature replicative senescence.
Academic Article Expression of AAV Rep proteins in SV40-transformed and untransformed cells: reciprocal interaction with host DNA synthesis.
Academic Article Interspersed repetitive and tandemly repetitive sequences are differentially represented in extrachromosomal covalently closed circular DNA of human diploid fibroblasts.
Academic Article Changes in genetic organization and expression in aging cells.

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