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Academic Article The renal patient with coronary artery disease: current concepts and dilemmas.
Academic Article Predictors of mortality from pump failure and sudden cardiac death in patients with systolic heart failure and left ventricular dyssynchrony: results of the CARE-HF trial.
Academic Article Should serum troponin after PCI be used to predict long-term outcomes?.......Not quite yet!
Academic Article Conversation in cardiology: should FFR and IVUS be counted as PCI?
Academic Article Angioscopic evaluation of incompletely obstructing coronary intraluminal filling defects: comparison to angiography.
Academic Article Screening for latent coronary artery disease by fluoroscopic detection of calcium in the coronary arteries.
Academic Article Utility of fractional flow reserve to determine treatment after recent large myocardial infarction with severe left ventricular dysfunction.
Academic Article Hemodynamics as surrogate end points for survival in advanced heart failure: an analysis from FIRST.
Academic Article Prediction of mortality in patients awaiting cardiac transplantation: increased risk of sudden death in ischemic compared to idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.
Academic Article Cardiac events after heart transplantation: incidence and predictive value of coronary arteriography.
Academic Article Cardiac troponin T in chest pain unit patients without ischemic electrocardiographic changes: angiographic correlates and long-term clinical outcomes.
Concept Predictive Value of Tests
Academic Article Prolonged high-pressure is required for optimal stent deployment as assessed by optical coherence tomography.
Academic Article Fractional flow reserve in acute coronary syndrome: a word of caution.
Academic Article Utilizing Post-Intervention Fractional Flow Reserve to Optimize Acute Results and the Relationship to Long-Term Outcomes.
Academic Article Clinical and prognostic value of poststenting fractional flow reserve in acute coronary syndromes.
Academic Article Classification of mechanisms of strut malapposition after angiographically optimized stent implantation: An optical coherence tomography study.
Academic Article Contrast modulation in chronic total occlusion percutaneous coronary intervention.
Academic Article Role of Postintervention Fractional Flow Reserve to Improve Procedural and Clinical Outcomes.
Academic Article Incremental Prognostic Value of Post-Intervention Pd/Pa in Patients Undergoing Ischemia-Driven Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.
Academic Article Prospective Evaluation of the Strategy of Functionally Optimized Coronary Intervention.
Academic Article Invasive Coronary Physiology After Stent?Implantation: Another Step Toward Precision Medicine.
Academic Article Angio-Based Fractional Flow Reserve, Functional Pattern of Coronary Artery Disease, and Prediction of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Result: a Proof-of-Concept Study.
Academic Article Derivation and validation of Pd/Pa in the assessment of residual ischemia post-intervention: A prospective all-comer registry.
Academic Article Exhaustion of coronary vasodilatory reserve in the resting state: Clinical characteristics and long-term outcomes after intervention.
Academic Article Impact of trans-stent gradient on outcome after PCI: results from a HAWKEYE substudy.
Academic Article Trans-Stent FFR Gradient as a Modifiable Integrant in Predicting Long-Term Target Vessel Failure.
Academic Article Machine-learning-based prediction of fractional flow reserve after percutaneous coronary intervention.
Academic Article Impact of Post-PCI FFR Stratified by Coronary Artery.

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