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overview I am the Chair of the Department of Medical Humanities & Bioethics and a clinical and research ethicist here at UAMS since 2004. I have a PhD in philosophy from Vanderbilt University. My scholarly work has been in the areas of patient-provider relationships, end-of-life issues, pediatric ethics, and ethics education. I am deeply concerned by issues of transparency in consent processes for research, including challenges posed by what has been called "therapeutic misconception"--when would-be participant are focused on therapeutic outcomes, and blind to the fact that they are agreeing to be research subjects. I have done work in assent in pediatric research protocols, as well. I also have over two decades of IRB service experience, and provide research ethics consultations, as requested. I am available to discuss ethical issues that are raised by specific research, and thereby to help think through and monitor ethical challenges in research, from protocol development to consent issues to IRB considerations.

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