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Academic Article Discovery and biological evaluation of potent dual ErbB-2/EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors: 6-thiazolylquinazolines.
Academic Article Cytotoxicity of perillyl alcohol against cancer cells is potentiated by hyperthermia.
Academic Article Anginex synergizes with radiation therapy to inhibit tumor growth by radiosensitizing endothelial cells.
Academic Article Enhancement of tumor thermal therapy using gold nanoparticle-assisted tumor necrosis factor-alpha delivery.
Academic Article Antiangiogenesis therapy using a novel angiogenesis inhibitor, anginex, following radiation causes tumor growth delay.
Academic Article Conductive interstitial thermal therapy (CITT) inhibits recurrence and metastasis in rabbit VX2 carcinoma model.
Academic Article Molecular changes in bone marrow, tumor and serum after conductive ablation of murine 4T1 breast carcinoma.
Academic Article Indocyanine green enhanced near-infrared laser treatment of murine mammary carcinoma.
Academic Article Microbeam radiation therapy alters vascular architecture and tumor oxygenation and is enhanced by a galectin-1 targeted anti-angiogenic peptide.
Academic Article Conductive thermal ablation of 4T1 murine breast carcinoma reduces severe hypoxia in surviving tumour.
Academic Article Tumour thermotolerance, a physiological phenomenon involving vessel normalisation.
Academic Article Spatially fractionated radiation induces cytotoxicity and changes in gene expression in bystander and radiation adjacent murine carcinoma cells.
Academic Article Simultaneous inhibition of the receptor kinase activity of vascular endothelial, fibroblast, and platelet-derived growth factors suppresses tumor growth and enhances tumor radiation response.
Academic Article Dead or alive? Autofluorescence distinguishes heat-fixed from viable cells.
Concept Neoplasms, Experimental
Concept Mammary Neoplasms, Experimental
Academic Article Combination of Gold Nanoparticle-Conjugated Tumor Necrosis Factor-a and Radiation Therapy Results in a Synergistic Antitumor Response in Murine Carcinoma Models.
Academic Article Targeting Artificial Tumor Stromal Targets for Molecular Imaging of Tumor Vascular Hypoxia.
Academic Article Enhanced Photothermal Treatment Efficacy and Normal Tissue Protection via Vascular Targeted Gold Nanocages.
Academic Article Evidence for Early Stage Anti-Tumor Immunity Elicited by Spatially Fractionated Radiotherapy-Immunotherapy Combinations.

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