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Academic Article Peptide mimotopes as prototypic templates of broad-spectrum surrogates of carbohydrate antigens.
Academic Article Priming characteristics of peptide mimotopes of carbohydrate antigens.
Academic Article A mimic of tumor rejection antigen-associated carbohydrates mediates an antitumor cellular response.
Academic Article Antigenic properties of peptide mimotopes of HIV-1-associated carbohydrate antigens.
Academic Article Evaluating strategies to enhance the anti-tumor immune response to a carbohydrate mimetic peptide vaccine.
Academic Article Peptide mimotopes as prototypic templates of broad-spectrum surrogates of carbohydrate antigens for cancer vaccination.
Academic Article Use of surrogate antigens as vaccines against cancer.
Academic Article Targeting carbohydrate antigens in HIV vaccine development.
Academic Article Preclinical studies of carbohydrate mimetic peptide vaccines for breast cancer and melanoma.
Academic Article Immunological characterization of peptide mimetics of carbohydrate antigens in vaccine design strategies.
Academic Article Peptide mimotopes as surrogate antigens of carbohydrates in vaccine discovery.
Academic Article Exploiting molecular mimicry: defining rules of the game.
Academic Article Immunization with a carbohydrate mimicking peptide augments tumor-specific cellular responses.
Concept Peptide Fragments
Concept Peptide Library
Academic Article Moving a Carbohydrate Mimetic Peptide into the clinic.
Academic Article Targeting tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens: a phase I study of a carbohydrate mimetic-peptide vaccine in stage IV breast cancer subjects.
Grant Mimotope Conversion of HIV-1 Carbohydrate Antigens
Academic Article Association of DNA-Methylation Profiles With Immune Responses Elicited in Breast Cancer Patients Immunized With a Carbohydrate-Mimicking Peptide: A Pilot Study.
Grant Immune Responses to a Carbohydrate Mimetic Peptide Vaccine

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