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Concept Gray Platelet Syndrome
Concept Bernard-Soulier Syndrome
Academic Article Absence of GPIbalpha is responsible for aberrant membrane development during megakaryocyte maturation: ultrastructural study using a transgenic model.
Academic Article Amelioration of the macrothrombocytopenia associated with the murine Bernard-Soulier syndrome.
Academic Article Genetic deletion of mouse platelet glycoprotein Ibbeta produces a Bernard-Soulier phenotype with increased alpha-granule size.
Academic Article Correction of murine Bernard-Soulier syndrome by lentivirus-mediated gene therapy.
Academic Article Nonsense mutation in the glycoprotein Iba coding sequence associated with Bernard-Soulier syndrome
Academic Article Point mutation in a leucine-rich repeat of platelet glycoprotein Ib alpha resulting in the Bernard-Soulier syndrome
Academic Article Generation and rescue of a murine model of platelet dysfunction: the Bernard-Soulier syndrome
Academic Article GPIba is required for platelet-mediated hepatic thrombopoietin generation.
Academic Article Nbeal2 Deficiency Increases Organ Damage but Does Not Affect Host Defense During Gram-Negative Pneumonia-Derived Sepsis.
Academic Article Non-myeloablative conditioning with busulfan before hematopoietic stem cell transplantation leads to phenotypic correction of murine Bernard-Soulier syndrome.
Grant Transgenic analysis of platelet receptor expression
Academic Article Murine models of glycoprotein Ib-IX.

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