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Academic Article Kinase-mediated regulation of common transcription factors accounts for the bone-protective effects of sex steroids.
Academic Article Wnt proteins prevent apoptosis of both uncommitted osteoblast progenitors and differentiated osteoblasts by beta-catenin-dependent and -independent signaling cascades involving Src/ERK and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/AKT.
Academic Article Proteasomal degradation of Runx2 shortens parathyroid hormone-induced anti-apoptotic signaling in osteoblasts. A putative explanation for why intermittent administration is needed for bone anabolism.
Academic Article Rosiglitazone causes bone loss in mice by suppressing osteoblast differentiation and bone formation.
Academic Article Induction of osteoblast differentiation by selective activation of kinase-mediated actions of the estrogen receptor.
Academic Article Nongenotropic, anti-apoptotic signaling of 1alpha,25(OH)2-vitamin D3 and analogs through the ligand binding domain of the vitamin D receptor in osteoblasts and osteocytes. Mediation by Src, phosphatidylinositol 3-, and JNK kinases.
Academic Article Extracellular matrix made by bone marrow cells facilitates expansion of marrow-derived mesenchymal progenitor cells and prevents their differentiation into osteoblasts.
Academic Article Oxidative stress antagonizes Wnt signaling in osteoblast precursors by diverting beta-catenin from T cell factor- to forkhead box O-mediated transcription.
Academic Article Connexin 43 is required for the anti-apoptotic effect of bisphosphonates on osteocytes and osteoblasts in vivo.
Academic Article Transient versus sustained phosphorylation and nuclear accumulation of ERKs underlie anti-versus pro-apoptotic effects of estrogens.
Academic Article FoxO-mediated defense against oxidative stress in osteoblasts is indispensable for skeletal homeostasis in mice.
Academic Article Steap4 plays a critical role in osteoclastogenesis in vitro by regulating cellular iron/reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels and cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB) activation.
Academic Article Osteoprotegerin prevents glucocorticoid-induced osteocyte apoptosis in mice.
Academic Article Commitment to the osteoblast lineage is not required for RANKL gene expression.
Academic Article Receptor activator of nuclear factor ?B ligand (RANKL) protein expression by B lymphocytes contributes to ovariectomy-induced bone loss.
Academic Article Transduction of cell survival signals by connexin-43 hemichannels.
Academic Article Suppression of autophagy in osteocytes mimics skeletal aging.
Academic Article Matrix-embedded cells control osteoclast formation.
Academic Article FOXOs attenuate bone formation by suppressing Wnt signaling.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor-a signaling in osteoblast progenitors stimulates cortical bone accrual.
Academic Article The estrogen receptor-alpha in osteoclasts mediates the protective effects of estrogens on cancellous but not cortical bone.
Academic Article Intermittent PTH stimulates periosteal bone formation by actions on post-mitotic preosteoblasts.
Academic Article Oxidative stress stimulates apoptosis and activates NF-kappaB in osteoblastic cells via a PKCbeta/p66shc signaling cascade: counter regulation by estrogens or androgens.
Academic Article Divergent effects of selective peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma 2 ligands on adipocyte versus osteoblast differentiation.
Concept B-Lymphocytes
Concept Cells, Cultured
Concept Bone Marrow Cells
Concept HeLa Cells
Concept Stromal Cells
Concept Monocyte-Macrophage Precursor Cells
Concept Stem Cells
Concept T-Lymphocytes
Concept Myeloid Cells
Concept Multipotent Stem Cells
Academic Article Receptor activator of nuclear factor kappaB ligand (RANKL) protein expression by B lymphocytes contributes to ovariectomy-induced bone loss
Academic Article In: Principles of Bone Biology. John Bilezikian, Lawrence Raisz, T. John Martin, eds
Academic Article Deletion of FoxO1, 3, and 4 from Osteoprogenitor Cells Increases Bone Mass throughout Life and Attenuates Adiposity in Aged Bone
Academic Article Targeted Expression of Catalase to Mitochondria in Cells of the Macrophage/Osteoclast Lineage Inhibits Osteoclastogenesis and Increases Bone Mass
Academic Article Estrogen loss, cytokines, macrophages, lymphocytes, osteoclasts, and bone loss: six characters in search of an author or an endocrine-immune system relay causing osteoporosis?
Academic Article Cytokine production and surface antigen expression by peripheral blood mononuclear cells in postmenopausal osteoporosis (reply letter to the editor)
Academic Article FoxO proteins restrain osteoclastogenesis and bone resorption by attenuating H2O2 accumulation.
Academic Article Sirtuin1 (Sirt1) promotes cortical bone formation by preventing ?-catenin sequestration by FoxO transcription factors in osteoblast progenitors.
Academic Article The Effects of Androgens on Murine Cortical Bone Do Not Require AR or ERa Signaling in Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts.
Academic Article Sirtuin1 Suppresses Osteoclastogenesis by Deacetylating FoxOs.
Academic Article Osteocytes, not Osteoblasts or Lining Cells, are the Main Source of the RANKL Required for Osteoclast Formation in Remodeling Bone.
Academic Article PLEKHM1/DEF8/RAB7 complex regulates lysosome positioning and bone homeostasis.
Academic Article The Effects of Aging and Sex Steroid Deficiency on the Murine Skeleton Are Independent and Mechanistically Distinct.
Academic Article Deletion of FoxO1, 3, and 4 in Osteoblast Progenitors Attenuates the Loss of Cancellous Bone Mass in a Mouse Model of Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article DNA damage and senescence in osteoprogenitors expressing Osx1 may cause their decrease with age.
Academic Article Oxidation-specific epitopes restrain bone formation.
Grant Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Osteoporosis
Grant Androgens, estrogens, and bone loss in males
Academic Article Elimination of senescent osteoclast progenitors has no effect on the age-associated loss of bone mass in mice.
Academic Article Cxcl12 Deletion in Mesenchymal Cells Increases Bone Turnover and Attenuates the Loss of Cortical Bone Caused by Estrogen Deficiency in Mice.
Academic Article Estrogens decrease osteoclast number by attenuating mitochondria oxidative phosphorylation and ATP production in early osteoclast precursors.
Academic Article Mmp13 deletion in mesenchymal cells increases bone mass and may attenuate the cortical bone loss caused by estrogen deficiency.
Academic Article RETRACTED: Deletion of the scavenger receptor Scarb1 in myeloid cells does not affect bone mass
Academic Article Retraction notice to "Deletion of the scavenger receptor Scarb1 in myeloid cells does not affect bone mass" [Bone 170(2023) 116702].

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