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Academic Article Success of cartilage grafting in revision tympanoplasty without mastoidectomy.
Academic Article Stimulation of the semicircular canals via the rotary chair as a means to test pharmacologic countermeasures for space motion sickness.
Academic Article Contact dermatitis to silicone after cochlear implantation.
Academic Article Transcranial magnetic stimulation and tinnitus: implications for theory and practice.
Academic Article Bone-anchored hearing aids for unilateral hearing loss in teenagers.
Academic Article Canal wall reconstruction with Mimix hydroxyapatite cement: results in an animal model and case study.
Academic Article Controversy: Does repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation/ transcranial direct current stimulation show efficacy in treating tinnitus patients?
Academic Article Timing of tympanoplasty in children with chronic otitis media with effusion.
Academic Article The effect of the Meniett device in patients with M?ni?re's disease: long-term results.
Academic Article [Possibilities for preserving hearing in labyrinth fistulas of different degrees of severity].
Academic Article Management of the open labyrinth.
Academic Article Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for tinnitus: a pilot study.
Academic Article Hearing aid tolerance after revision and obliteration of canal wall down mastoidectomy cavities.
Academic Article Arkansas BAHA experience: transcalvarial fixture placement using osseointegration surgical hardware.
Academic Article Cartilage tympanoplasty: indications, techniques, and outcomes in a 1,000-patient series.
Academic Article Diagnosis of cochlear M?ni?re's disease with electrocochleography.
Academic Article Variable changes in PET activity before and after rTMS treatment for tinnitus.
Academic Article Focal electrical stimulation as an effective sham control for active rTMS and biofeedback treatments.
Academic Article Retrograde mastoidectomy with canal wall reconstruction: a follow-up report.
Academic Article Hearing results with the Dornhoffer ossicular replacement prostheses.
Academic Article Outcomes of cartilage tympanoplasty in the pediatric population.
Academic Article Cancer of the external auditory canal and temporal bone.
Academic Article Long-term hearing results following stapedotomy.
Academic Article Hearing results with cartilage tympanoplasty.
Academic Article Surgical modification of the difficult mastoid cavity.
Academic Article Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and canalith repositioning: clinical correlations.
Academic Article Laterality, frequency and replication of rTMS treatment for chronic tinnitus: pilot studies and a review of maintenance treatment.
Academic Article Prognostic factors in ossiculoplasty: a statistical staging system.
Academic Article Method and reproducibility of a standardized ossiculoplasty technique.
Academic Article Impact on quality of life after mastoid obliteration.
Academic Article Application of skull base techniques to pediatric neurosurgery.
Concept Treatment Failure
Concept Treatment Outcome
Academic Article Functional results after cholesteatoma surgery in an adult population using the retrograde mastoidectomy technique.
Academic Article Chronic Otitis Media. Pathogenesis Oriented Therapeutic Management
Academic Article Pediatric cartilage tympanoplasty with primary intubation.
Academic Article TORP ossiculoplasty outcomes with and without a stapes footplate prosthesis.
Academic Article Cartilage tympanoplasty in children with cleft palate repair.
Academic Article A Comparative Review of Osseointegration Failure Between Osseointegrated Bone Conduction Device Models in Pediatric Patients.
Academic Article The Impact of Smoking on Ossiculoplasty Outcomes.
Academic Article The Association of Valsalva Status With Smoking and Its Impact on Ossiculoplasty Outcomes and Complications.
Academic Article Long-term Outcomes After Secondary Mastoid Obliteration.
Academic Article Using repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for the treatment of tinnitus.
Academic Article Influence of Behavior on Complications of Osseointegrated Bone Conduction Devices in Children.
Academic Article Simultaneous versus sequential bilateral cochlear implants in adults: Cost analysis in a US setting.
Academic Article Long-Term Hearing Results After Ossiculoplasty.
Academic Article The vertical juxtaposition junction (VJJ) flap - a useful flap in mastoid obliteration surgery: our long-term experience in twenty patients.
Academic Article Therapeutic Mastoidectomy in the Management of Noncholesteatomatous Chronic Otitis Media: Literature Review and Cost Analysis.
Academic Article Neural activity during attentional conflict predicts reduction in tinnitus perception following rTMS.
Academic Article Long-term Complications and Surgical Failures After Ossiculoplasty.
Academic Article International consensus (ICON) on treatment of M?ni?re's disease.
Academic Article Evaluation of Intraoperative Testing During Cochlear Implantation From a Time and Cost Perspective: A Single-Center Experience in the United States.
Grant Maintenace rTMS for chronic tinnitus relief
Grant Center for Translational Neuroscience
Academic Article Long-term Outcomes of Ossiculoplasty With and Without an Intact Malleus.
Academic Article Outcomes of Primary Pediatric Stapedotomy.
Academic Article Authors' response to the letter on the article: "International consensus (ICON) on treatment of M?ni?re's disease".
Academic Article T-tubes Through Cartilage Tympanoplasty: Is It Worth the Perforation Risk?
Academic Article Outcomes Following Revision Stapes Surgery in Children: A Single-Surgeon, Single-Center 15-Year Experience.
Academic Article Impact of Surgery for Velopharyngeal Insufficiency on Eustachian Tube Function in Children: Pharyngeal Flap Versus Sphincter Pharyngoplasty.
Academic Article Assessing Patient Barriers to Cochlear Implantation.

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