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Academic Article Therapeutic vaccines for cervical cancer: dendritic cell-based immunotherapy.
Academic Article HPV16/18 E7-pulsed dendritic cell vaccination in cervical cancer patients with recurrent disease refractory to standard treatment modalities.
Academic Article Human papillomavirus type 16 and 18 E7-pulsed dendritic cell vaccination of stage IB or IIA cervical cancer patients: a phase I escalating-dose trial.
Academic Article Immune surveillance as a rationale for immunotherapy?
Academic Article Dendritic cell vaccination against ovarian cancer--tipping the Treg/TH17 balance to therapeutic advantage?
Academic Article Understanding the cross-talk between ovarian tumors and immune cells: mechanisms for effective immunotherapies.
Academic Article Cancer testis antigen vaccination affords long-term protection in a murine model of ovarian cancer.
Academic Article Advances in dendritic-cell-based therapeutic vaccines for cervical cancer.
Academic Article Combinatorial strategies for alleviation of tumor-associated immune suppression and therapeutic vaccination against ovarian cancer.
Academic Article Prospects and challenges for immunotherapy of ovarian cancer--what can we learn from the tumor microenvironment?
Concept Cancer Vaccines
Academic Article Ovarian tumor ascites CD14+ cells suppress dendritic cell-activated CD4+ T-cell responses through IL-10 secretion and indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase.
Academic Article Clinical perspectives in cancer vaccines for hematogical diseases
Academic Article The evolving clinical landscape for dendritic cell vaccines and cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Th17-inducing autologous dendritic cell vaccination promotes antigen-specific cellular and humoral immunity in ovarian cancer patients.

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