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Academic Article Clinical and sonographic estimations of uterine weight.
Academic Article Predictability of intrapartum and neonatal outcomes with the amniotic fluid volume distribution: a reassessment using the amniotic fluid index, single deepest pocket, and a dye-determined amniotic fluid volume.
Academic Article A randomized clinical trial of the intrapartum assessment of amniotic fluid volume: amniotic fluid index versus the single deepest pocket technique.
Academic Article Amniotic fluid index vs single deepest pocket technique during modified biophysical profile: a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Comparability of the amniotic fluid index and single deepest pocket measurements in clinical practice.
Academic Article How well do the amniotic fluid index and single deepest pocket indices (below the 3rd and 5th and above the 95th and 97th percentiles) predict oligohydramnios and hydramnios?
Academic Article Amniotic fluid index as a predictor of adverse perinatal outcome in the HELLP syndrome.
Academic Article Diagnosis of postpartum infections: clinical criteria are better than laboratory parameter.
Academic Article The evidence for abandoning the amniotic fluid index in favor of the single deepest pocket.
Academic Article Amniotic fluid and the clinical relevance of the sonographically estimated amniotic fluid volume: oligohydramnios.
Academic Article Suspicion of intrauterine growth restriction: Use of abdominal circumference alone or estimated fetal weight below 10%.
Academic Article Maternal body mass index: a poor diagnostic test for detection of abnormal fetal growths.
Academic Article Prediction of small for gestational age newborns using ultrasound estimated and actual amniotic fluid volume: published data revisited.
Academic Article Borderline or marginal amniotic fluid index and peripartum outcomes: a review of the literature.
Academic Article Intrapartum oligohydramnios does not predict adverse peripartum outcome among high-risk parturients.
Academic Article Intrapartum nonreassuring fetal heart rate tracing and prediction of adverse outcomes: interobserver variability.
Academic Article The length of the third stage of labor and the risk of postpartum hemorrhage.
Academic Article Limitations of clinical and sonographic estimates of birth weight: experience with 1034 parturients.
Academic Article Perinatal outcome and amniotic fluid index in the antepartum and intrapartum periods: A meta-analysis.
Academic Article Amniotic fluid index and single deepest pocket: weak indicators of abnormal amniotic volumes.
Academic Article The diagnosis and management of dystocia of the shoulder.
Academic Article Parous patients' estimate of birth weight in postterm pregnancy.
Academic Article Remote umbilical arterial blood pH analysis: accuracy, utility, and limitations.
Academic Article Amniotic fluid volume assessment in singleton and twin pregnancies.
Academic Article Change in platelet count predicts eventual maternal outcome with syndrome of hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and low platelet count.
Academic Article Accuracy of sonographically estimated fetal weight with and without oligohydramnios. A case-control study.
Academic Article Sonographic examination does not predict twin growth discordance accurately.
Academic Article Intrapartum detection of a macrosomic fetus: clinical versus 8 sonographic models.
Concept Predictive Value of Tests
Academic Article Accuracy of the Ultrasound Estimate of the Amniotic Fluid Volume (Amniotic Fluid Index and Single Deepest Pocket) to Identify Actual Low, Normal, and High Amniotic Fluid Volumes as Determined by Quantile Regression.

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