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Academic Article Chemically modified DNA substrates implicate the importance of electrostatic interactions for DNA unwinding by Dda helicase.
Academic Article Targeting the single-strand G-rich overhang of telomeres with PNA inhibits cell growth and induces apoptosis of human immortal cells.
Academic Article CLPM: a cross-linked peptide mapping algorithm for mass spectrometric analysis.
Academic Article Inhibition of human telomerase by PNA-cationic peptide conjugates.
Academic Article Non-Watson-Crick interactions between PNA and DNA inhibit the ATPase activity of bacteriophage T4 Dda helicase.
Academic Article Dda helicase unwinds a DNA-PNA chimeric substrate: evidence for an inchworm mechanism.
Academic Article Measurement of steady-state kinetic parameters for DNA unwinding by the bacteriophage T4 Dda helicase: use of peptide nucleic acids to trap single-stranded DNA products of helicase reactions.
Academic Article A simple procedure for solid-phase synthesis of peptide nucleic acids with N-terminal cysteine.
Academic Article Hepatitis C virus nonstructural protein 5A: biochemical characterization of a novel structural class of RNA-binding proteins.
Academic Article Unwinding of unnatural substrates by a DNA helicase.
Concept Peptide Fragments
Concept Peptide Mapping
Concept Peptide Nucleic Acids
Academic Article Peptide Nucleic Acid(PNA) as a Trapping Strand in Steady State DNA Unwiding Assays
Academic Article "Interactions of Peptide Nucleic Acids with DNA Processing Enzymes" in Peptide Nucleic Acids
Academic Article Peptide Nucleic Acid Inhibits HCV-Ns3 Catalyzed Unwinding of DNA and RNA Substrates
Academic Article Inhibition of Human Telomerase by PNA-Peptide Conjuates
Academic Article A New Synthetic route to Peptide Nucleic Acid Monomers with Base-labile protecting Groups

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