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Academic Article Egg oral immunotherapy in nonanaphylactic children with egg allergy.
Academic Article Immunologic features of infants with milk or egg allergy enrolled in an observational study (Consortium of Food Allergy Research) of food allergy.
Academic Article Egg oral immunotherapy in non-anaphylactic children with egg allergy: follow-up.
Academic Article Influenza vaccination can be safely administered to most egg-allergic patients.
Academic Article Oral immunotherapy for treatment of egg allergy in children.
Academic Article Allergic reactions to foods in preschool-aged children in a prospective observational food allergy study.
Academic Article Individualized IgE-based dosing of egg oral immunotherapy and the development of tolerance.
Concept Egg Hypersensitivity
Academic Article The natural history of egg allergy in an observational cohort.
Academic Article Treatment of egg allergy in children through oral desensitization
Academic Article Association of Atopic Dermatitis (AD) severity to milk and egg allergy outcomes in a cohort of atopic, food-allergic children (CoFAR)
Academic Article Clinical factors and laboratory correlates of egg allergy resolution in a cohort of infants with egg allergy (CoFAR)
Academic Article Relationship of cytokine and regulatory gene expression to the outcomes of milk and egg allergy in an atopic cohort (CoFAR2)
Academic Article Toll-like receptor polymorphisms in infants with likely milk/egg allergy: Consortium for Food Allergy Research (CoFAR)
Academic Article Threshold dose for egg allergy during egg desensitization procedure
Academic Article Immunologic features of infants with milk or egg allergy enrolled in an observational study (CoFAR) of food allergy
Academic Article The natural history and clinical predictors of egg allergy in the first 2 years of life: a prospective, population-based cohort study.
Academic Article Long-term treatment with egg oral immunotherapy enhances sustained unresponsiveness that persists after cessation of therapy.
Academic Article Transcriptional Profiling of Egg Allergy and Relationship to Disease Phenotype.
Academic Article Addendum guidelines for the prevention of peanut allergy in the United States: Report of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases-sponsored expert panel.
Academic Article Egg-specific IgE and basophil activation but not egg-specific T-cell counts correlate with phenotypes of clinical egg allergy.
Academic Article A 5-year summary of real-life dietary egg consumption after completion of a 4-year egg powder oral immunotherapy (eOIT) protocol.
Academic Article Induction of sustained unresponsiveness after egg oral immunotherapy compared to baked egg therapy in children with egg allergy.
Academic Article Allergen-specific T cells and clinical features of food allergy: Lessons from CoFAR immunotherapy cohorts.
Academic Article Mapping Sequential IgE-Binding Epitopes on Major and Minor Egg Allergens.

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