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Academic Article Influence of mast cells on structural and functional manifestations of radiation-induced heart disease.
Academic Article Orazipone, a locally acting immunomodulator, ameliorates intestinal radiation injury: a preclinical study in a novel rat model.
Academic Article Radiation-related heart disease: current knowledge and future prospects.
Academic Article Influence of mast cells on outcome after heterotopic cardiac transplantation in rats.
Academic Article Effects of late administration of pentoxifylline and tocotrienols in an image-guided rat model of localized heart irradiation.
Concept Disease Models, Animal
Concept Models, Animal
Academic Article Pathological changes in pulmonary circulation in carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)-induced cirrhotic mice.
Academic Article Thrombomodulin contributes to gamma tocotrienol-mediated lethality protection and hematopoietic cell recovery in irradiated mice.
Academic Article Effects of ionizing radiation on the heart.
Academic Article Late Administration of a Palladium Lipoic Acid Complex (POLY-MVA) Modifies Cardiac Mitochondria but Not Functional or Structural Manifestations of Radiation-Induced Heart Disease in a Rat Model.
Academic Article Early effects of 16O radiation on neuronal morphology and cognition in a murine model.
Academic Article Impact of obesity on the toxicity of a multi-ingredient dietary supplement, OxyELITE Pro™ (New Formula), using the novel NZO/HILtJ obese mouse model: Physiological and mechanistic assessments.
Academic Article NZO/HlLtJ as a novel model for the studies on the role of metabolic syndrome in acute radiation toxicity.
Grant Radiation-Induced Heart Disease: Mechanisms and Interventions
Grant Effects of Chronic and Single-dose Charged Particle Exposure on Cardiac Function and Structure in Multiple Animal Models
Grant Development of a minimally invasive biomarker assay to detect delayed radiation injury
Academic Article Spaceflight induces oxidative damage to blood-brain barrier integrity in a mouse model.
Academic Article Late Health Effects of Partial Body Irradiation Injury in a Minipig Model Are Associated with Changes in Systemic and Cardiac IGF-1 Signaling.

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