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Academic Article 3-Hydroxypropionic acid and methylcitric acid are not reliable indicators of marginal biotin deficiency in humans.
Academic Article In vivo multispectral photoacoustic and photothermal flow cytometry with multicolor dyes: a potential for real-time assessment of circulation, dye-cell interaction, and blood volume.
Academic Article Measurement of 3-hydroxyisovaleric acid in urine from marginally biotin-deficient humans by UPLC-MS/MS.
Academic Article Abnormal organic aciduria in biotin deficiency: the rat is similar to the human.
Academic Article Fluorometric assay for avidin-biotin interaction.
Academic Article Quantitative measurement of urinary excretion of 3-hydroxyisovaleryl carnitine by LC-MS/MS as an indicator of biotin status in humans.
Academic Article A study of the interaction of avidin with 2-anilinonaphthalene-6-sulfonic acid as a probe of the biotin binding site.
Academic Article A fluorometric assay for the biotin-avidin interaction based on displacement of the fluorescent probe 2-anilinonaphthalene-6-sulfonic acid.
Academic Article Measurement of acylcarnitine substrate to product ratios specific to biotin-dependent carboxylases offers a combination of indicators of biotin status in humans.
Academic Article Increased urinary excretion of 3-hydroxyisovaleric acid and decreased urinary excretion of biotin are sensitive early indicators of decreased biotin status in experimental biotin deficiency.
Academic Article Conflicting indicators of biotin status from a cross-sectional study of normal pregnancy.
Academic Article Quantitative measurement of plasma 3-hydroxyisovaleryl carnitine by LC-MS/MS as a novel biomarker of biotin status in humans.
Academic Article Biotin deficiency in rats: disturbances of leucine metabolism are detectable early.
Academic Article Quantification of urinary 3-hydroxyisovaleric acid using deuterated 3-hydroxyisovaleric acid as internal standard.
Academic Article Biotin status assessed longitudinally in pregnant women.
Concept Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Concept Spectrum Analysis
Concept Spectrometry, Fluorescence
Concept Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Concept Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Concept Mass Spectrometry
Academic Article In HepG2 cells, coexisting carnitine deficiency masks important indicators of marginal biotin deficiency.

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