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Academic Article Clinical genetics evaluation in identifying the etiology of autism spectrum disorders: 2013 guideline revisions.
Academic Article Letter to the Editor Re: ACMG Practice Guidelines and ACMG Standards and Guidelines, Genetics in Medicine
Academic Article Characterization of Six Patients with MECP2 Duplications: Novel Insight into the Impact Size and Genetics Complexity on Phenotype
Academic Article Response to letter by Chodirker and Chudley
Academic Article Seeing is Believing: Telemedicine Improves Access to Genetics Consults in a Rural State
Academic Article Evaluation of mental retardation: recommendations of a Consensus Conference: American College of Medical Genetics
Academic Article Cancer Genetics. A Guide for Counseling Families
Academic Article Clinical Genetics Evaluation in Identifying the Etiology of Autism Spectrum Disorders - Guideline Update
Academic Article S with the 1q21.1 Study Group: Proximal microdeletions and microduplications of 1q21.1 contribute to variable abnormal phenotypes
Academic Article Multicultural Medicine and Health Care Disparities
Academic Article Textbook of Family Practice
Academic Article Knowledge and beliefs about genetics and smoking among visitors and staff at a health care facility
Academic Article Clinical genetics in pediatric physical therapy practice? The future
Academic Article What is the role of clinical genetics in the patient-centered medical home?: A commentary from the Medical Home Workgroup of the Heartland Regional Genetics and Newborn Screening Collaborative.
Grant Heartland Regional Genetics Network - Continuation - Continuation
Grant Heartland Regional Genetics Network
Grant Heartland Regional Genetics Collaborative (ACHRI # 034490)
Grant Heartland Regional Genetics Collaborative (ACHRI # 034490)

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